Rainy Day Stoup

I wanted to try and incorporate more meatless meals into our repertoire. This is a Lentil and Black Bean Soup that I found on Pinterest. Since it is thick like a stew I’m calling it a Stoup (thanks Rachael Ray). Typically, I like meals that don’t require multiple steps or pots as during the week I don’t really have time for them. Since its the weekend, I get the chance to indulge in more recipes that require more than 30 minutes ( although this was the best of both worlds). What is neat about this dish is it’s a great way to sneak more veggies into the kids with out them knowing.

First I sauteed onions, bell peppers, a bay left, diced roasted garlic, celery and seasoning ( salt /pepper). i also added curry, simply because it just seemed like it should be in there. Sorry forgot the snap that step. Once that’s done my focus was “ok let’s get the rest of this done at once”! So I added the dried lentil, a can of tomatoes and chicken broth. After that boils for a while I added two cans of black beans and let the stove do the rest. Once it all looks well yummy, I used an immersion blender to smooth it all out. Add some rice and there you go!

I must say this was the perfect meal for this rainy day! This will definitely be added into the rotation!

20150912_20243120150912_210014 20150912_212358-120150912_231230-1

All Done
All Done!

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