Monday’s Oh Monday’s

What can I say, Monday’s in my house are always crazy! My usual plan is to complete most of my cooking over the weekend so during the week the routine is to reheat and cook fresh sides. Well let’s just say this weekend didn’t go as planned. So today was a full cooking day after work, and I over did it. Sometimes I can get so excited about cooking that can “I put too much on my plate”, Ha Ha!

Walking in the door I immediately get bombarded with 6th grade math questions, the “can I have cookies” song from the twins and the look from my baby girl which says “Mom do not put me down”. After I get most of them settled ( since the twins can not have cookies) I get started on the meals.

While heating up the stoup from my last post for dinner and leftover baked chicken, I get started on the chicken I seasoned yesterday. In all honesty I just couldn’t get around to cooking it yesterday so I seasoned it and let it marinate over night. Fast forward to today and I am drawing a blank on what to make. Therefore, I decided to experiment with the dish. I grabbed canned red beans, garlic, bell pepper and butternut squash. My thought was a One Pot Wonder.20150914_190153

Using the largest skillet I have I began to sauté the squash in butter and canola oil, then added the chicken wings to begin browning. Once the chicken was done I basically added the remaining ingredients: bell peppers, garlic and the red beans. Turn down the heat and let ebony ( my stove) do the rest of the work.

20150914_191145  20150914_194504 20150914_194606

Oh by they way, you may be seeing a lot of this little one, she calls herself my helper. Every time she sees me head for the stove she runs to grab her step stool and ask “Mom can I help?” How do you say no to that face?


Since I didn’t use the complete butternut squash in the chicken dish that ebony is now cooking, I thought I  minus well bake the rest to make baby food for baby girl. Yep you guessed it, that’s the third dish tonight I am cooking:

  1. heating up left overs for dinner
  2. chicken one pot wonder
  3. baked squash for baby food

As if that isn’t enough I decide with this idle time I have I will blend the carrots I cooked yesterday for more baby food this week. Which, btw, if you have the time it is so much more economical this way. These carrots work out to be around $.08 per serving! Well of course by this time baby girl is tired of tummy time, so here we go…



Normally I might say in the caption, ignore my background but hey this is a blog about being out numbered :)! Well after the carrots where done so was the chicken and the squash and the leftovers. Time for the best part of the day….Family dinner at the table.

Lesson learned today- Try not to bite off more than I can chew…LOL man I crack myself up with this dry humor!


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