Am I in This Family?

Yes children are a blessing and yes Traci that means yours as well. Sometimes, however, I have to stop and ask myself “Am I in this Family”. Having twin toddlers is a joy and thus there will never be a dull moment in my life. From the time these little ones wake up (which usually involves me bribing them) till the time they go to sleep( another bribe) they are none stop with their mouth. Want true laughter, listen to these 4 yr old senior citizens talk, and this was just today:

Myles : ” don’t call me Myles, my name is Shark Boy“. Malia : “Myles“. Myles: ” No don’t call me Myles, its Shark Boy“. Malia: “Myles“….. this went on back and forth all the way to school.

Myles: “Mom can we have aaaallllll this candy“- as we are in the store picking up a poster board for my eldest school project. Before I get a chance to respond Malia takes it upon herself to answer for me and no I did not ask for her help. Malia: “Myles we do not have enough money for this“. My face turned red due to embarrassment from, you guessed it, the line of customers behind me that just heard the whole thing. I ssshhh her but not before she says “we don’t have enough candy money for this“. Neither of these were true, but that didn’t matter, she said it so matter- of-factly. Like she just knew the contents of my bank account. Ugh that woman.

This one takes the cake. Malia: ” Myles lets get married“, I over hear her say to him. This is due to Myles finding an old clip on tie he had as an infant.

Will You Marry Me?
Will You Marry Me?

To take it a step further as if their mini conversations arent enough, I get physical proof from their daycare that makes me ask this question again, “Am I in this Family ?”.

By Malia
By Malia

As you can clearly see she list her family members out, Mommy didn’t make the cut. Instead her family consist of Tia ( which is her aunt), T-Ma ( her grandma) and Malia….. 🙂


Here is Myles’s family, Yaaayyy I made the cut! His family consist of My Doggie ( we don’t have a dog), Malia, ( although she left him out of hers), Mom ( such a sweet son), Myles :), and Savannah (baby girl whom he is so protective over). My poor Jordan (oldest) didn’t make either cut. I tell you , these two little ones….

Sometimes I really do wonder, am I really in this family. Then I get those quite times…. like now when they have fallen to sleep…. and I tell myself YES I am in this family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Better get up an get prepared for the morning rush…. nay think ill just lay here and soak up the quite peace!


One thought on “Am I in This Family?

  1. I’m very thankful I made the cut into the family, and I thought I knew mybgrandkids, lol. Isn’t it amazing what wheels are turning in their little spongebrains. The information they have absorbed will keep you with smiles. I can’t wait to see what each day brings as I anxiously await the outpouring of innocence from their little minds. The twins are in their own world and they don’t mind sharing. Your experiences are prcious and priceless and our grandchildren are blessed to have you as their mother. Thanks for sharing. There is no doubt that your blog will bless many.
    Love to you all, T-Ma


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