I Scream, You Scream, A’s Get Ice Cream!

There is just something about Wednesdays. No matter how much I plan over the weekend- lay the kids clothes out, plan out meals, etc- once Wednesday hits its like someone picked up my house turned it upside down and put it back. Its something about the middle of the week, things end up everywhere. Lets just say every major room in the house is messy.

What’s weird is we actually had a great morning today. Kids got up and dressed with about 2 less “time to get up” calls as usual.  Malia woke up as 4 yr old Malia instead of 54 yr old Malia (post to come on that later),  all members feed, no one forgot anything, no one was forgotten at the house…. we had a good morning. Even left the house earlier than normal. None the less, my rope of organization has unraveled, maybe because the rope knew today was Wednesday. Who knows anymore!

Now although dinner was planned as leftovers from the multitude of dishes I have been cooking over the last few days, that of course didn’t pan out. It is Wednesday after all. Finding out today that my eldest has an A in all of her classes, I felt it was time for a celebration. So instead of coming home and just heating up leftovers, I decide to surprise her and pick up goodies for an ice cream sunday after dinner.

” Ok kiddos we have to swing by the store to get a surprise for Jordan” I tell the kids on our way home. “What store ?” Malia replies of course. “Publix” I say. “Plubalix” she says as only a toddler can, I swear this girl can’t get this name right for the life of me. “No Publix!” I say. “Plubalix ?” she says again. ” Sure Malia, the Store” I respond giving up the fight that I always lose. ” No Mommy its not a store its a Plubalix” she says correcting me. ” Ok Malia, Ok” I say.

We quickly go through Publix grabbing the few items we need with the kids running behind me, or skipping ahead of me, or jumping next to me, or picking up EVERYTHING on the shelf in front of me….. but we finally make it through. Yes, I have accepted the fact that I am that woman in the store whose kids think of the store as their personal Hide and Go Seek Land, and I no longer apologize for it. Being outnumbered takes its toll on me some days. Today is that day- Its Wednesday! Not to mention I bought more than I planned. On a side note, Publix and Target are purely evil. There is no possible way you can go in those stores and leave with exactly what was on your list. You minus well hand over your card as you walk in there cause that mental budget you had… yep it’s gone :).

Once home I decide, cause I clearly can’t live without a challenge, that I will fry the remaining chicken wings that have been marinating in the refrigerator and throw together some sides, oh and bake some sweet potatoes so we can eat on them in the morning and use some to make more baby food…. But the question burning in my mind that I must ask myself is “Traci if you have the option to heat up leftovers and be done with it, why cook a brand new meal”… I Have No Clue self!  Maybe there is a such thing as a cooking disease. Yes that’s it! I have a cooking disease. Eureka!  Anyway, we finish going through our nightly routine and get ready for the main event, ICE CREAM!

Now I fixed all bowls, Jordan being first of course, and as soon as I get ready to sit down and dig in baby girl decides she has some thing say. But no, not with her mouth, instead with her diaper. 🙂 Oh the joys of motherhood! After I finish cleaning up that disaster, my ice cream is basically strawberry soup with a floating cherry! Oh Well, Jordan had a good time and that’s really all that matters!


Love Out-Numbered!


6 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream, A’s Get Ice Cream!

  1. Once again my dear, you have blessed my day. Makes me think I did something right in building that foundation, lol. You are simply amazing and I (we) are so proud of you. You are an amazing mommy. I love you. Keep on blogging.


  2. Traci Spaulding

    You’re a writer too?😃 I am enjoying this so much! You are an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others so don’t stop…keep going😄


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