Friday Night Puree

Friday Nights are for fun and in this house we have designated Fridays as Family Movie Night. To Mommy Fridays are “Anything Goes Night”. Meaning no pressure, no stress and no need to plan out for tomorrow. Dinner usually is a relaxing one and some Friday nights desert may even come before dinner! TV is on or off, their choice, if they want to go outside, be my guest, if they want to have a dance party, I’m all for it. Its really important for us to unwind and do it as a family. Seeing my kids unwind helps me relax and take the pressure off. Tonight it was cookies before dinner. As soon as we got home Malia ran to pick up the cookie jar. Oh great,  I think the kids may have uncovered my true meaning of Fridays. Oh Well!

While the kids were enjoying  “Miles from Tomorrow Land” on TV, I used that time to heat up leftovers and get prepared to make Savannah’s food for next week. I am so happy my baby has a palette like mine, sophisticated! She loves butternut squash, avocado and carrots so far. Tonight the menu is sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

When I originally introduced her to solids I knew I wanted to make her food but was not opposed to buying jar food. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the week and ran out of jar food and cooked all of the fresh food that I knew I had to have a different plan. Having to make a unplanned run out to the store, with the kiddos, when you think you have settled in for the night will wake you up more than any coffee, cold shower or hey a dirty diaper!  Now when I grocery shop I buy extra fresh produce to make her food and just in case that’s not enough I also buy the frozen version. This way if we run out of baby food before the next planned grocery trip, I have a back up. No more night trips for this lady!

Time to get started, Savannah is in her high chair as my helper this time, twins have turned into Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the living room ( Cat in the Hat) and Jordan has locked herself in her room to do Math Homework.


The sweet potato works out to be $.10 per serving and the butternut squash $.21 per serving. I focus on what’s in season, its fresher to me, as it’s in abundance so the grocer has priced it to sell. For instance, about a month ago when I first started her on solids we caught the end of blueberry season- she loved that, so did her clothes lol!  What I love about the fall is that the foods that are in season are ones with a longer shelf life so I have the chance to feed her fresh produce for the whole month off of one trip to the store.

After I am done I wrap the ice trays in saran wrap and freeze them. Once frozen, the cubes go into a freezer bag for easy retrieval during the week.

Wrapped in Saran Wrap
Wrapped in Saran Wrap

Time for some benefits of helping Mom cook…Problem with this is she didn’t want to stop. Now the butternut squash is $.24 per serving, thanks Savannah !


Cooking is such a relaxing activity for me, I really do love it! Now all I need are a view of the mountains out of my kitchen window. I guess this wood fence and pesky lizards, that won’t stay out my yard, will have to do.

Love- Out Numbered!


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Puree

  1. How amazing are you. As I read your post I get so excited about cooking, unfortunately the excitement doesn’t last too long. For me its has to be simple yet delicious and hearty. Your dad is not with the creative meals so I try not to explore to much in that area. However, I’m very happy that you inherited the cooking bug from mom and Bom. Its wonderful for the kids and very healthy as well. I pray that God gives you daily motivation because this is your passion and my blessing. Your dad and I will support you 100% with aby creative cooking ideas that God places on your heart. Be blessed and keep blogging. It also gives me an opportunity to see recent pics of my babies. Love ya, Tee-Ma


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