Cheesy Chicken Bake

Ever have one of those days that start out just as planned and all is well only to get home and realize you forgot to take out meat to thaw for dinner.  Dinner time is quickly approaching and not only are you unprepared but you are also drawing a blank on what to cook. When I have those nights I rely on my staples, my must haves, my pantry MVPs. Foods that you should always keep in your house for times just like this.  Here is a portion of my list ( more to come later):

  • pasta
  • pesto sauce
  • pasta sauce
  • canned tomatoes
  • oatmeal
  • grits
  • packaged salmon
  • eggs


Well tonight turned into a complete grab, cook- and quick night! I took the left over fried chicken breast from earlier in the week, canned tomatoes, marinara sauce, chicken broth, cheese and pasta. Throw it all in a pot once the pasta is done, cover with foil, bake and viola…Cheesy Chicken Bake! Dinner is served.

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Funny enough the day started out great especially since it was Saturday. I love Saturday mornings, I get the chance to make a huge breakfast if I choose to or make a new breakfast experiment. With no need to rush out the door, the kitchen becomes my canvas!  Today I opted for the experiment…. I give you my “Open Face Omelet”. I started by sautéing the bell peppers in butter( I love butter, thinking that deserves its own post one day).

Oh no Cane colors ( I have to do better)
Oh no Cane colors ( I have to do better)

Then I add the turkey sausage. Many don’t know you can buy turkey sausage to make sausage crumbles. I didn’t until I stumbled upon it one day by accident. Love food accidents! Once those are done I add the eggs add cook slowly. Then top with cheese and there you go. Now the original plan was to fold it in half to look like an omelet but I just knew I would mess that up some how since it was so big already. So I left it open! Either way, the family loved it which is all that matters.


Grits are a Saturday morning "Must Have"
Grits are a Saturday morning “Must Have”

All in all, I think it all worked out for the best. As a result of today I now have two new dishes to add to the recipe book. “Yay Baby”- as my son would say! Speaking of, I must share the conversation I over heard between the twins today before I sign off. As I am cooking dinner I over hear Malia and Myles talking on their picnic blanket they made in the living room…

What’s wrong Mania?” Myles ask. ( that L syllable is giving him a run for his money).   ” I don’t feel good” Malia says as she lays down on the picnic blanket. “Oh” Myles replies with complete concern. “I think I need to take a chill pill !”  Malia blurts out. “Oh a chill pill….. to chill out?” Myles ask. “Yea to chill out” Malia says softly with a her face frowned like she is so sad……I tell you, I never know what to expect from those two!

Love- Out Numbered


4 thoughts on “Cheesy Chicken Bake

  1. Evelyn Mosley

    Hi Traci. Great to see you doing well, at what you do well, which I’ve always seen as everything. So grandma left you the cooking gene I see. Blessings to you and your family always. Love you much.


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