Is It Nap Time Yet?

Theoretically weekends, I would like to believe, where designed for relaxing. Unfortunately, I have now learned the term relaxing is relative. Relative to the day, relative to the hour and relative to the company you have. Needles to say, being out numbered literally means you are not allowed to use the word relax or relaxing or relaxed or any derivative of. Some weekends I spend a lot of time asking my self “is it nap time yet?”.

I truly believe in the power of naps and I also truly believe there is no age limit to them. In my house we take collective naps every chance I get. More often than not I guilt myself to cutting my nap short so I can sneak in a few quick “to dos” around the house, but all in all you get my point. Naps are essential to my sanity!

On a side note I believe I have uncovered the true purpose for shower curtains. Nope you are wrong if you guessed it’s to keep the water from spraying over the bathroom, or look pretty or for privacy. No my friends, the real reason shower curtains where developed were for moms to be able to hide if only for a second behind them for some peace and quiet. Yep that’s its, pure peace and quiet. I am sooo guilty of this!

When all else fails and I need to find my balance I escape to my kitchen where all makes sense, where all is right with the world….

Frying Chicken just tend to make you feel better about life!
Frying Chicken just tend to make you feel better about life!

So I got focused, I was determined to get some meal headliners done this weekend. Oh, meal headliners are just that- the headliner of the meal, the main star… “The Meat”.  Tip#1 Get most of your Headliners cooked over the weekend. That way during the week when you get home all you have to whip up are sides( rice, potatoes, veggies, etc). You will be surprised how much stress and pressure it takes off of you, plus making fresh sides almost makes the meal seem brand new!

My one pot wonder would be a whole chicken cooked in a pressure cooker ( Must have for any busy mom or heck any human for that matter). My experiment would be turkey meatloaf cups (I had a lot of fun with this one).

Whole Chicken- I try to always keep a few of these in the freezer. With a pressure cooker they are a quick meal ( once thawed of course).  After cleaned, I placed the chicken in the pot and added

  • chicken broth
  • salt/pepper
  • garlic- fresh
  • butter – of courser
  • ginger ( my new favorite spice, I add it to basically everything)

Now since this a one pot wonder there really is no measuring. Place your lid on, set the timer for about 25 mins and let technology take over! Well, while that was going I started on the second headliner-

Turkey Meatloaf Cups

Usually meatloaf (or meatlove as the twins call it) is beef, at least thats how I remembered it growing up. Since my freezer had ground turkey.. that’s what I went with, plus I wanted to try something different with ground turkey. I treated it the same way I would with beef for meat loaf. My trick is it use oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. Sounds weird I know but it is amazing, keeps the moisture in really well. With the ingredients I use I like them to remain as whole as possible, meaning I won’t dice my bell peppers so small you cant see them. I feel the same about the fresh garlic ( keep them whole) and tomatoes (large diced pieces). Of course you see my helper! That girl is going to be a great cook 🙂

20150920_075253 20150920_080526 20150920_080531 20150920_081440 20150920_082023

Once your mixture is done, spray your cupcake pan, load them up and top with foil. Bake on 350 until done remembering turkey doesn’t take as long as beef does. If you save this meal for later in the week, wait until you serving it before you add any ketchup like topping.

Since both of those where cooking and I had some down time I quickly whipped together a side dish. Sweet Dumpling Squash and Sweet Potato. It is really easy: Peel the potato, cut up the squash ( no need to peel since you can eat the skin), sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, vanilla and yes you got it right butter and ginger. Top with foil and bake. Since the oven was already one minus well use it up :).


While I would like to say that’s all I did, it wasn’t. That cooking disease is real, really real!  Waiting on the food to finish I pureed some green beans for Savannah’s lunch that day and the week. So Happy she loved them since they worked out to be $.12 cents a serving. You can bet after this I was a little tired…. so….

“Ok family its Nap Time” I called out to all the kids. No I did not care which room they selected for their nap as long as they took one 🙂

Just another day for me with…

Love Out Numbered!


One thought on “Is It Nap Time Yet?

  1. lol, you are too much my dear. My little Malia is something else. Amazing. When is the book coming out? I will be your first customer. I pray that this blog goes so viral that is shuts down computers nationwide. Thanks again for my daily blessing.


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