I’m Just The Mom…

Do I even have a voice anymore? Being out numbered does mean you get physically tired faster, yes, but it also takes a toll mentally. To the point you don’t know if you are being heard or if you just being laughed at, ignored, ganged up on and basically outnumbered. You get so tired of repeating yourself you either give up and stop talking, find that infamous shower curtain and hide, maybe even close your eyes so tight you hope it makes you Harry Potter so you can disappear or click your heels together like Dorthy….” there’s no place like the beach, there’s no place like the beach…”. You end up telling yourself, “Yep, I really don’t have voice, just like I thought”.

Honestly, I don’t want to argue, plead, negotiate, beg or bribe a 4 year old every minute of the day.  There are those mornings when you say ok I give up, wear what you want. It doesn’t matter that your clothes don’t match, if you insist on it who am I to say otherwise, last I checked I’m just the mom.  Some may say hey they are expressing themselves… again who am I to disagree. Enter Myles and Malia…. now thankfully this isn’t an every morning battle, but some mornings they are determined and I don’t have the energy to convince them otherwise.


There you have it. Not matching and Malia has her shoes on the wrong foot ( which is a daily discussion with her). But this is the outfit each of them picked out, so I went with it. Well just then… something happened….. and I had to keep snapping shots to capture the moment, so glad I did.

In the mist of saying “cheeeeeeessseeee”  I guess Myles was straining too hard that naturally air came out the other end – you know what I mean. Well Malia is so taken back by this act that she slowly turns back to look at him to confirm what she heard was correct, and it was…

20150921_065916Malia slowly turning as the noise is being made….. Notice his left eyebrow…Mr. Mischievous!

20150921_065918” Eeeeeewwwwww  Myles, that’s disgusting” she slowly pronounces to him while she points at the invisible act. Still saying cheese, you see all he can do is smile and laugh. He is so proud of himself… honestly I don’t get that about guys…

You see this is what some of my mornings are like! Thankfully I have my go to morning shake when it doesn’t look ill get a chance to sit and eat with the kids.  What I love about it is how quick it comes together. Call it my Give Me Peace Shake:

  • banana
  • 2 scoops peanut butter
  • blueberries
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • Almond Milk

Using my magic bullet I blend the oatmeal first to break it down to a powder, it will mix better this way and eliminate the chance for lumps. then I add all of the other ingredients, blend and enjoy.  My tip it to cut up your bananas and freeze them, do the same with your blueberries. You can take it a step further and blend the oatmeal up ahead and keep in a canister. That way it makes for a quick grab, blend and go.  The kids love it to which is great so on my running late cause I over slept ( happens more times than I wish) I can make them cereal and a shake and still feel good that they got a healthy breakfast.

I drink this and all is right again about my mornings. A full mom is a happy mom! What can I say….

Love- Out Numbered!


4 thoughts on “I’m Just The Mom…

  1. Traci Spaulding

    LOL! What great material they give you…Myles sounds like some thing his Papa and second uncle might do…they’re known for that😣 I so relate to the smoothies in the morning too!


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