Monthly Grocery Trip Part 2

I don’t know about you but sticking to a list in the grocery store is nearly impossible. I am convinced there is a job out there titled ” How to make them spend money” or something of that nature. It’s someone’s job to think of the very thing you didn’t know you needed until your saw it in the store. Target is notorious for this. I have now learned so is Costco and Publix. Ugh!!!

Needles to say I didn’t stick to my legal size list I prepared for Publix! My mother would say “So What Else is New, you aren’t suppose to”. My granny would say “You have to eat Mita”. Bom would say “If you need it, get it!”. All these women are to blame for my obsession with cooking and food in one way or another, maybe I should start sending the bill to my mom, lol!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself, regardless of not following my list. Sometimes I like to walk up and down the aisles just to discover new brands and items I didn’t know existed. Or find new ingredients to add to old time recipes. For me its relaxing, well as long as I don’t have all of the little ones with me. For this reason alone I found that Cracker Barrel now sells their pancake mix, which to me is the absolute best pancakes from a national chain restaurant.

If I can give you one tip it is to do the exact opposite of what I just said. The most dangerous thing to do in a grocery store is to walk down each aisle, its a trick I tell you a trick! That’s exactly what they want you to do. You think you will need something off of every aisle but I promise you that you won’t. Oh, you will find things to add to your cart but had you not gone down that aisle, that item probably wouldn’t have made it into your basket. I’m just saying.

Monthly Calendar
Monthly Calendar

Let’s take a step back. Here is the calendar I try and make before my monthly trips. When I started doing this I found that I saved so much money. Having a plan is always the way to go. Now, most people make a list/plan but try taking it a step further and plan out for the month, as many meals a day as you can. This way your are super focused with less distractions while shopping. If there is no place on the calendar for it, you will be less likely to buy it since it means something will go bad since it won’t be cooked. Trust me on this one, it works! Not to mention after a long day at work you don’t have to use any brain power when you get home trying to figure out dinner. The thought is already done and ingredients bought.


This is my mini van or “swagger wagon” after my Publix trip. It was so bad I had two carts! Yelp, I’m that mom. You know the one you see in the store with her basket over flowing and you ask yourself…” Lord, who is she feeding? An army?”. Just remember this is day one!

My next stop ( the next day) is Costco. I like to buy my meat in bulk, its more cost effective this way and the options are wider. Oh Costco, I think I will now call you the Earth’s Black Hole. You know how in space they speak about black holes, once you are in you never come out…. COSTCO. I swear that place knows how to keep you in and spend your money for you. Regardless, for my cooking habits and my kids eating habits Costco is a must in my life.

In addition to meat, its a great place to stock up on snacks and soap. Not all items there are good to buy in bulk but most are. On a side note, they have Christmas décor out already. My goodness I had to tighten my restraints as that is my favorite season of the year, plus with me being a new homeowner I basically wanted everything my eyes looked at. I am happy to say I only ventured off my list for one thing. For me that’s a big deal. To be honest I actually had no choice, they were packaging the freshly made rotisserie chicken…need I say more.

Once you are all done, you will feel so accomplished. Like a weight is lifted off your shoulder! Watch and see. If you are like me you may not follow your calendar everyday of the month but this way the thinking and shopping are done. Even if you get off track either pick up at the current date or go back, that’s the beauty of having it all laid out. Its all laid out!

I hope you found this helpful! Reply back and let me know if you tried this method and how it worked for you or if you have a tip that works in your house! Happy Shopping!

Love- Out Numbered!


One thought on “Monthly Grocery Trip Part 2

  1. Well I’m quite impressed and very proud of you. Now I don’t feel so guilty about sending you on grocery shopping trips at a young age while I sat in the van with your younger siblings. My mom did it to me and it was a success so I tried it with you, lol. You know I can identify with shopping off the list except in my case , it literally means shopping off the list or shopping far beyond the list, however its so much fun. Yes I know about going up and down each isle at Costco, I love to see what’s new and what’s on clearance. I try and caculate mentally as I fill my basket and even find myself returning some items to the shelf, only to retrieve something else from the next isle, it’s so much fun even when you try and justify your extra items you mentally recalculate your savings in another area. I’m sure you will bring peace to the hearts of many moms that are trying to splurge a little from their budget. Keep blogging, keep blessing.


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