Under Pressure

Its that time of the week again, Wednesday! Although I am so thankful for this day, there is just something about the middle of the week. I feel like even my children are different on Wednesdays. Honestly! Almost as though they save all of their energy for this day only. I mean good and bad energy, to the point you want to press the reset button for today. Oh how I wish days came with a reset button!

Regardless of how the day started I was determined to stick to my morning breakfast calendar. This morning we had grits, eggs and bacon. Here is a tip if you wonder why I would make such a time consuming breakfast in the middle of the week. Other than the fact that I have that cooking disease. The night before take your grits and put them in the pot you plan to cook in and add water. Doesn’t matter how much, you just want to make sure you cover the grits. Let them stay in this pot of water overnight. What I have found is that they are much easier to cook and will cook quicker. They will also have a creamier consistency. Not sure why but it works.

With days like this that have been non stop since the morning, I am so very very thankful for a pressure cooker. Ladies and Guys, a pressure cooker is essential to any household with children. I have a digital one and I swear by it. Give me thirty minutes and Ill give you a tender juicy cut of meat. So far I have made whole chickens and roast in there. So thankful.

Coming home from work I usually only have a few hours before my body says it is time for bed. During that time ( and yes I know it probably too much) I try to work in one on one time with baby girl, dancing or playing with the twins, homework with ms. 6th grader, dinner, cleaning, washing a load ( but not folding- I hate folding), dinner, bath, story time, a little mommy down time…. then bed. I will tell you it has been impossible since forever, yet I still try everyday. As I write this I see how ridiculous it is.

This is where the pressure cooker comes in. Sometimes when I am really low on time I will clean the meat and throw it in the pot then add the seasoning and extras on top of it and let it go. This is also a great place to sneak in a can of beans like lima beans or something you know the family won’t eat be they need to. While the meat is cooking there is just enough time to finish the sides for dinner. That’s it, you are all set. Trust me, worth the investment if you can.

Well tonight was one of those nights:


While the main course was cooking I threw together some fresh green beans and rice. Which is another thing, get a rice cooker. Yes, all cooks should learn how to make rice both the steam and boiling way which I do, but for efficiency in my house the rice cooker is another blessing. Set it and move on to the next item up for bid- Price is Right flash back moment.


Looks almost like it took a few hours and instead it took 35 minutes! As my son said “Mom, this taste like awesome!”. Oh one quick picture, I love when you cut open a pepper and see a new pepper forming on the inside:

20150927_185039  How cute!

Well Happy Cooking my friends!

Love-Out Numbered!


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Yesssss Mam, thank God for Pressure Cookers and Rice Cookers, both I have and love. My cookers are like my coffee pot, daily friends that I communicate with on a more than regular basis. When I want to look like I’m really cooking I use a huge sauce pan on top of the stove. I just love sitting down and logging in to see what you have posted each day, it’s like morning coffee and devotion. Keep up the good work. It’s very encouraging. Love ya. I think I need to upgrade my rice cooker.

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