Dad To The Rescue!

Being a new home owner means many things. To me my mind immediately goes to decorating. Outside of cooking that is my next love. After you become a homeowner, stores like Home Goods and Home Depot have a new meaning. Before the shopping was more to look at and take note for later. After you own a home its more like ooh I like that or oh yes this is perfect for the bath! Before you know it, you have mentally spent thousands of dollars. If you are like me and love furniture or anything made from natural resources like wood, you better get your bank account ready!

Or you can make them yourselves! I love taking old, forgotten wood furniture and turning it into something brand new. To me its more than restoring, its like a new birth for that object. Problem with that is these little ones never let me finish a project completely. As it stands now I have two no wait three projects that are partially done. Thanks kiddies.

Then there are other times when the job is just too big for you. Now I am a proponent of teach a man to fish… all that jazz, but sometimes that isn’t enough. I love to learn and love even more learning how to use tools. I like to know that if I needed to I could. That type of thing. But I am also of the mindset that asking for help is a great quality.

Oh Dad!!!!!!!! Dad to the rescue. My Dad is great with tools and building things. Hey where do you think I get it from! I discovered just how well he was at woodworking not to long ago. I fell in love with the whole floating shelves concept. Sent my dad some pictures and that was all she wrote. I had custom built shelves for my apartment. Well you can imagine what will come next when I bought this house, naturally right! So, I called my Dad!



Dad to the rescue! I now have custom built floating shelves in my dining room. I was so proud of him.


What he doesn’t know is while he worked I took note so I could make my other request known. For instance, I love dinner time with my kiddos and the perfect table for that is a kitchenette set. My dinning room is actually built just for that! Here are some examples of my inspirations from my Pinterest page. What’s umique is you can add drawers to the side. For a mom with 4 children, the list is endless on what all I can hide in there! Presto, clean house!

1 2 4 5

I am so excited about this new addition to my house. Myles is truly going to love helping with this project also. Not to mention when he gets older he will be able to look at the bench everyday and know he helped to build it! Can’t wait. Guess I should ask my dad for this one first!

Love- Out Numbered!


2 thoughts on “Dad To The Rescue!

  1. Traci Spaulding

    Priceless! You’re so blessed to have a Dad like that. There’s nothing he won’t do for you and besides you know he LOVES a challenge!😄


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