Blueberry Mornings and Afternoon Sunsets

There is almost nothing better on the weekends than waking up and making  pancakes on a Saturday morning. Being that the food calendar is hung for all to see, the kids have been looking forward to Saturday all week as they knew it meant Blueberry Pancakes. I must admit so was I, especially since it meant I got to try my new pancake mix by Cracker Barrel.

Now I pride myself on making most, if not all, of my dishes from scratch, but there are areas I will cut corners on every now and then. Pancake mix being one of them. Although I can make them from scratch I will admit that is one dish I have not mastered from scratch yet. Instead I buy the best pancake mix out on the market and doctor it up with some of my pantry favorites.20151003_09203120151003_092725_resized

How surprised was I when I found out Cracker Barrel took their mix to market. But I have to call out Publix, bottom shelf people, really? Regardless, I have it and I couldn’t be happier!

Alright, lets get started. As I mix all the ingredients together it was so great seeing the kids do what children should do on Saturday mornings, lay on the floor with feet in the air watching cartoons. Good thing they can all agree on the same cartoons, well most of the time.


Usually when I make pancakes I make a lot of extras to go with them, like eggs or bacon, etc. Today, I really wanted the pancakes to be the star of breakfast and boy were they!



Time to Eat!!!!!
Time to Eat!!!!!

What the children didn’t know was that I had a fun filled day planned that would end with us watching the sunset on the beach. This is something we have always said we should do more of but I promise something always comes up. You would think with us living near the beach we would always be there. On the contrary, its almost as though you get immune to it. Don’t get me wrong, I Love the beach. During the summer I keep beach chairs in my trunk just in case the mood hits me and I want to go.

I am proud to say we actually made it there Friday night. Buuuuut we missed the sunset, lol! It was still light but the sun had already set. So instead we stayed for as long as we could. It was so relaxing. Immediately I thought to myself, Traci why don’t you do this every week. It really calms you down after a full work week. What was even better was that the beach was empty, all except for birds. I sat and held Savannah who had fallen asleep, Yes Lord, and watched as the kids got their feet wet or chased the birds. Unfortunately we had to go shortly after arriving, especially when it got too dark for me to determine if that was bird or my child running!

So we tried again on Saturday, this time we were early but got rained out. Oh well, the kids still had fun after the rain stopped. Plus, sunsets are priceless! Work week, bring it on- I’m ready!

photo 1

Love-Out Numbered!


One thought on “Blueberry Mornings and Afternoon Sunsets

  1. Wow, what a sunset. I’m glad that my babies have you as their mom, all my grands are blessed with dedicated and loving parents, it really sets the tone for a beautiful and strong foundation. The memories you are depositing in them will forever live in their hearts and mine. These are the simple things that really matter. I can’t wait for my next visit to get some blueberry pancakes, yum yum:)


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