Another Growth Spurt?

By the fourth child I am well aware that growth spurts are a natural part of life, HOWEVER, what I was not prepared for was the pattern at which they would happen. In other words, I never get a break. Someone is forever in a growth spurt.

At first when the twins were small and it was just Jordan it was fine, the twins were the same size so I really just had to focus on Jordan. Now that they are growing they decided to select different growth spurt patterns for some reason. Maybe just to keep mommy sharp or something. Add Savannah into the mix….. you get my drift.

Try remembering everyone’s shoes size, pant size, diaper size, birthdays, and all pertinent medical information….It’s a lot. Many times I get something wrong! SO if you ever see me and wonder why I have an actual planner- that’s just one of the reasons.

Where is the children’s manual when you need one. I now firmly believe all kids should be born with a book in their hand- Dear Mom instructions from God on how to survive.

Lets take it a step further, every season all of the children will need new clothes. Have you every just sat and thought about that. Every season, just about, you have to shop as they will not be able to wear the clothes from the year before- thanks growth spurt!

What really motivated this post tonight was dinner. I made a quick meal of spaghetti. I will admit this is another area that I skip corners on for now. Learning how to make my own sauce from scratch is on my culinary bucket list. Until then, like before, I search for the best sauce out there. My new favorite is by Mario Batali :

saucesauce 2

Its not cheap by any stretch of the means when it come to spaghetti sauce, but for me, I like that I can read and understand all the ingredients and they are all whole ingredients- coming from the earth.

Now mind you before we eat the kids ( all of them) have had something to eat since we have been home. Usually it is bread or fruit. So we get to the dinner table and begin- Grace, talking about our day and eating. I kid you not I took two bites and I heard myles say mom I’m done then heard  Jordan ask for more sauce. Huh? Here is the kicker, when I get up to bathe Savannah I turn and see this:


You got it, Myles and Malia in my seat cleaning off my plate. Now I promise before the night is over Jordan will ask for a bowl of cereal. Its a good thing I like to cook.

Wait…. I was wrong, it was the twins…..

Now as I sit here and type this blog my son comes out of his room and says “Mommy, my belly is hungry”…I literally stop typing and look at him. Just look at him. To think before I knew the twins were a girl and boy I wanted two boys…God knew better!

So I hand him some bread and send him back to the table to eat that. Now for those who have multiple children you know what is about to happened next. Yep! Malia wants bread too, I already have a slice out ready for her.

Yes Traci, another growth spurt! You only have about 18 more years! 🙂 Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Love-Out Numbered!


One thought on “Another Growth Spurt?

  1. As my grandmother would say and my mom does say”let them eat all they want, it won’t hurt them”. That’s exactly why God gave you a passion for cooking because he knew what lay ahead for you my dear child. As for the growth spurts, papa and I will take care of that, lol. Blog and bless!!!


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