Nursing Moms Thank Mrs. Patel’s

To all of you nursing moms out there – past, present and future I decided to dedicate this post to you, well us! I am a nursing mom of the present and past and I often get asked for advice since I nursed my twins for 14 months. The first piece of advice I always give is the journey you are about to embark upon is mind over matter. To me it has always been mental. Nursing takes mental work when you are tired and sleep deprived you have to mentally tell yourself to get up and eat or drink or heck feed the crying baby at 2:34 am. Its a mental battle well worth the reward in the end.

Whether you nurse for a few weeks or months, it’s just such a blessing to be able to share that bond with your baby! I have been blessed to enjoy that bond with each of my children but it didn’t come without work. Now that I am working full time, whereas with my other children I was pursing my degrees, nursing takes on a whole new mindset. A full time job at home  ( being mom) and at work while nursing, boy oh boy let me tell you, it’s not easy. I have truly learned how to prioritize my day down the second a whole lot better than before.

As a result of this new schedule, I am constantly looking for ways to make sure I can keep up with the nursing demands of little Ms. Savannah. Since I have been down this road four times, I am well aware of just about all the herbs and foods that help boost your milk and have basically tried them all in one form or another. Some great while others just weren’t for me. For me I have to :

  • drink PLENTY of water
  • eat all the time- yay me!
  • rest
  • don’t stress
  • eat oats
  • Mothers Milk Tea
  • carbs carbs carbs

Even though I basically have my method down, I am always looking for new ways to help me in the walk. That’s when I discovered Mrs Patels on Tamera Mowery’s Instagram page. After reading about the company and their ingredients, I decided to give them a try. I ordered their combo pack of Fenugreek Bars ( a herb known to increase lactation) since I couldn’t make up my mind.

So Far SO God- Nice First Impression
So Far SO Good- Nice First Impression

It comes with 12 bars and according to the reviews they are so good you will want to eat more than one at a time. Ok here we go, time to try one:


The reviews were so right, these little bars are a stroke of genius! Not only are they good for Savannah and I but they taste great as well. My struggle is going to be only eating one a day! What is great is that this company offers other treats and tea as well. Can’t wait to try them all! Love knowing there are companies out there that are just as invested in your nursing abilities as you are!

When it comes to nursing you need support. I am now considering this company as apart of my support group! So if you are nursing or planning to I highly recommend you check out this company Mrs. Patel’s and pick up a few treats! You won’t regret it! Oh yes, if you do, do me a favor and add my name to the coupon area (Traci Mclemore) helps with tracking! Thanks!

Try Them!
Try Them!

Love- Out Numbered!


One thought on “Nursing Moms Thank Mrs. Patel’s

  1. Girl you made the stuff sound so good I wondered if Ms. Patel had something for other women so I reaced to her through email. Unforunately she didn’t. I guess you nursing mom’ have one up on us, lol. Bog those blessings 🙂


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