Smothered Chicken and Hint of Sage

I  am really excited about tonight’s post since I get to write about my favorite home-cooked dish. This dish goes down as one of the first meals I ever learned to cook well enough to say “Yes, of course I can cook”- if anyone where to ever ask me. It took a while to perfect, you know to actually get the gravy right, but once I did I placed it on a regular rotation. Good thing the kids haven’t gotten tired of it!


Here is what you will need:

  • Chicken Breast
  • House Seasoning ( Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder)
  • Chicken Broth
  • Bell Pepper
  • Fresh Sage
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Butter ( of course)
  • 20151012_172544

Now there are other items I add if I have them- sweet onions, fresh garlic but this go round I was out. Ok let’s get started- so excited!

Find the largest skillet you have, big enough to hold all of the chicken you plan to cook at one time. Add a little oil to the pan, you will want to cover the bottom of the pan plus have a little extra in there as you will need to fry the chicken but not enough to cover it in oil. If you happen use too much oil you will can just remove some when its time to make the rue.

While the oil is heating up, take that time to  clean your chicken and cut the breast into cutlets ( or just buy cutlets lol). Then season to your liking before you begin the flour process. I use a zip lock bag with flour but honestly grab whatever bag you have- grocery bag either plastic or paper will do just fine. Add your flour and your chicken. You want enough flour to coat the chicken and a little extra for your rue. I sure hope I am spelling that right!

20151012_172144 20151012_17311120151012_173610

Shake the chicken until its all coated.


I just Love this movie and book if you cant tell (the book is so much better!)

Once your chicken is coated add it to you pan of hot oil, be sure not to crowd the pan or the chicken will not cook properly. Got that piece of advice from my Uncle Herbert-great cooking tips although he prefers you cook for him Men, need I say more. For this dish since I am making so much I needed two sessions in the pan to get all of the chicken cooked. At this stage I like to cook the chicken 90% of the way. The other 10% will finish off in the gravy.


When all of the chicken is done you will be left with oil and “bits” in your pan. You will learn to love and cherish the bits lol. Without them there is no gravy. Oh you can try but its not going to happen as easily and well it wont be that good. Now its time to make the rue, this is the step that I had to learn thru many trials and error.

Sometimes I would end up with these dishes, you know those dishes that taste great if you don’t look at them. Everything is there but the appareance.  Just close your eyes and eat. Been there, done that, have an OUTFIT to show! I can remember making this dish for my family and serving my dad this white chunky gravy, he was so kind and instead of joking around he said- The flavor is definitely there! Lol so thankful cause there were many jokes he could have said about that one!

To make the rue slowly add flour- (the same flour you used to coat the chicken) to the oil. Just sprinkle some flour over the oil and stir. As it bubbles up it will brown, use this time to add more seasonings. Trust me if you don’t, minus well bring the salt shaker to the dinner table cause you will need it.


Next its time for the liquid. Slowly add in the broth while mixing with fork, add until it’s at the consistency that you want. Be mindful as it cooks it will thicken a little so its okay if it doesn’t look thick right away. At this point is where I added the sage. Now let me be honest, this meal has never been made with sage before. I happen to have some on hand so I figured why not try it.


It was pretty good, I couldn’t really taste a lot of it so next time I will add more.  Once the gravy has simmered for a while you want to add your chicken back to the pan to finish cooking and allow the whole dish to come together.


20151012_181042 Oh look, this one didn’t make it. Guess I’ll have to take care of that real quick 🙂 !

While the dish is simmering away, add a few pads of butter, cover it for about 5 more minutes and then you are done.


I try to have green element  in all of our dishes some how. Today it was asparagus. Everyone liked it but my oldest, I swear that girl …. For Malia, it was the first item to be eaten off her plate. Myles immediately looked at it, squinted, picked it up with two fingers and said ” Mom, how do I eat this?” Jordan, however, waited to the very end to eat hers then still got away with not eating them cause the twins wanted hers. She think she is so slick lol!

Well that’s it folks. Serve this over hot steamy rice and get ready for bed cause when you are done that is exactly where you will be headed! Happy Eating’s!

Love- Out Numbered!

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2 thoughts on “Smothered Chicken and Hint of Sage

  1. Anonymous

    Yes this was one I had many trials and errors with! Had to call Mom a couple of times to get that gravy down pat…you know she was the expert😄 Looks delish


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