Curry Coconut Roast

This meal was not only fun to make but it only took 40 mins, which is great since honestly that’s all the time I had. I swear, some days I feel like the allotted time I have after to work to cook gets less and less with each day. Either that or these kiddos are taking more and more of my after work time than before. Regardless, it feels good to still be able to get dinner done that looks and taste good.


The success to this meal is solely given to the pressure cooker. I’m starting to think I will be using this appliance for all of my potentially tough meats. Soooo everything besides chicken and fish :). That way I don’t have to hear from my son ” Mom, dis don’t taste good, dis taste like bad”. Yep, I have surely heard those words.

Honestly this dish started off as a basic roast in the pressure cooker and only turned in the themed curry coconut once I saw the curry powder in the spice cabinet. To the pressure cooker I added :

  • can of tomatoes
  • can of navy beans (kids won’t even know they are eating them)
  • roast
  • 1/4 a can of coconut milk
  • house seasonings
  • curry powder


That’s it. While that was cooking I cut up some red potatoes and added them to boiling water. I haven’t had mashed potatoes in a while and this seemed like the perfect dish for them.


Now the way I make mashed potatoes is a little different, well to me at least . For one I use a hand masher ( I’m so sure that is not the proper name) since I like the mix of smooth and “textured” mashed potatoes. I figured textured sounds better than lumpy- but you get my point. I don’t peel them as this is one of my ways to get the kids to eat the skin. Once done I salt them and add milk, sour cream and butter then get the smashing!


Once the pressure cooker was done ( 35 mins later) it is time to eat! Side note- don’t you hate when you can’t remember the name of the child you are looking at. As I am typing Malia comes to ask me something but I call her Jordan instead… I tell you when they catch me off guard with a question or something and I have to respond to them 9/10 I am going to get the name wrong. What is even worse is they get sooooo offended. ” Mooom, my name is Malia not Jordan”. Or how about the times you call out 5 or 6 names and still don’t say theirs….motherhood. Ok back to the meal.


I have to say this meal turned out pretty good to have been a brain invention 50 minutes ago. It’s savory with a hint of a sweet undertone.


Time to Eat!

Love- Out Numbered!


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