Arrabiata Shrimp Pasta

Let me start by saying I am not a shrimp fan, but my oldest is, plus I figured the twins may like it also so I decided to go with it. I received this spice packet from my Mom, another one of her Home Goods Finds, for an Arrabiata Sauce. I have never tried this sauce before but have seen it plenty of times and figured tonight was as good as any for a new meal. Plus it was tomato base so it could pass for spaghetti if things went south. Honestly, this sauce turned out to be very good, full of flavor and herb-awesomeness!!  So glad I now have a new sauce to add to the collection of a quick meal night.

unnamed (2)

I started with heating some oil and fresh garlic, my goal was to “infuse the oil with the garlic” as the Chefs say 🙂  . Things were going great until I tried to do too many things at once… but at least I didn’t burn the oil or the garlic. Close though, whew!


Next I started boiling the pasta and went on to make the sauce, which was pretty easy. To the pan with oil and garlic I added the crush tomatoes, tomato sauce, spice packet, and chicken broth ( last minute addition so not pictured). Once the sauce cooked for a while and came to a steady simmer I added the shrimp. I wanted to add another fresh element to this dish so I grabbed some tomatoes out of the refrigerator.


After dicing these up and cooking them a little I threw in the shrimp. Brought the sauce mixture to a slow simmer and well that’s it. Dinner is served!


Before I sign off I must share this story from dinner time. Every night we sit at the at the table and go one by one asking each other how was their day. We always start with Myles ( who by the way always says his day was awesome because of lunch). So the night went a little something like this….”Myles how was your day?” Malia ask him.  “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I’ll Tell you… My day was awesome…” Myles says. At this time Jordan starts to whisper to me something about her day. Malia immediately says to Jordan…. ” Jordan when a man is talking, you don’t!”. OH MY GOSH!!! I tried so hard but I just could not hold in my laughter. Where.. did.. that… come from, I think to myself, this girl I swear thinks she is the other adult in this house. She then says “ok Myles, go ahead”. But get this, her face was so serious- during the whole time, like she was not playing. I swear that little woman.

The lesson in this all is that she is learning what I am teaching, that when someone talks you don’t. She just took that lesson and my nickname for Myles ( The Man) and mixed them together in her mind. That little girl leaves me speechless most days. Gotta love these kids!! Well happy cooking!

Love-Out Numbered !


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