It’s Biscuit Time!

One of my culinary goals has been to learn to make biscuits from scratch. I have to admit, it’s still a goal! I am, however, taking baby steps. Like with today’s post,its all about biscuits, but on a short cut route. Once I master these I will move on to the “from scratch” one-way street.

Today I am using the Cracker Barrel mix I discovered a few weeks ago to make the biscuits. Plus, I figured today was as good of a day as any to break in the new Kitchen Aid Mixer I received as a gift. Oh not to mention the marble rolling pin I scored from Goodwill for $1. Love that place!

Well lets get started. Now of course you know I can never cook a meal without a helper. So today my first little helper is : Ms. Little Savannah20151101_105109

Ok, its time to cook! I start by pre-heating my oven to 425 degrees, then gathering all of the items I would need so they are all in one place.


I know for a fact what I was most excited about when cooking this dish was the chance to use my rolling pin.

20151101_102951 (1) 20151101_103018 20151101_104036

I felt like a cooking show star, spreading my flour over my counter…kneading the dough! La- dee- dah!!! As I hum to myself happily!

20151101_104622 20151101_104754

Such an awesome feeling. Only problem is I think I got a little too excited.

20151101_104851 20151101_105034 20151101_105600 Oh yes, here is helper #2! Ms. Malia!

I rolled and rolled and right rolled out a tray of flat biscuits. LOL!


But they taste great. Now that I think of it the recipe did say it will only yield 6-7 biscuits… Clearly I firgot that tad bit of info. Oh well, looks like I must try this one again. Yay Me!



Today’s lesson, don’t get roller happy Traci! I must say I cant wait to try this again. The flavor was defiantly there, as my dad would say, plus the kids ate them all ( a true testament to good or nasty food). What else was nice is I got the chance to use this new strawberry and orange preserves I just so happen to have.

Weekend mornings to me are made for dishes like this, breaking in your rolling pin and getting flour everywhere!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Cooking!

Love- Out Numbered


3 thoughts on “It’s Biscuit Time!

  1. I think you mayhave the “nack” for biscuits. That was one of my favorite dishes that I was good at, if I must say so myself. Your kids are never going to leave home, food is to good. Love ya much, Mom


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