Moroccan Tagine Chicken

photo 1

Finding little time savers like this is like finding gold, or more realistically finding a folded up $20 in your back jean pocket. As much as I love to cook, let’s be honest, time is not always on my side. The thing is I still don’t want to sacrifice an opportunity to have an awesome meal simply because I’m short on time. So thankful for these little helpers that will save not only time but brain power.

With little helpers like this that is one less thing to think about, and with 5 different people to keep track of I am interested in any shortcut that makes life even slightly easier. What is great about these packets is they are so user friendly. LOVE IT!

photo 2

The back of the package breaks it out for you and what I found is that I had about 90% of what I needed. Now you know that never happens. Once I saw that, I immediately knew this little would be place in the rotation. Inside contains all the spices you will need for the dish. So let’s get started. I simply…

Sautéed onions in bacon fat from this mornings bacon ( hey why not!)

photo 320151103_184832

Then added my boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Thank you Costco, this meat is so easy to cook and always turns out super tender. For you Costco addicts you already know they meat is already placed in small packages for you, enough for a family dinner- I just love that.

20151103_190941 (1)

After letting the meat brown on both sides I added the packet mixture. Now the instructions are to add the spices to broth and mix. This is what I  poured over the meat. Covered it and let the sauce finish it off.

20151103_190953 (1)

Serve with some nicely steamed rice ( rice cookers are awesome) and a veggie and there you go! Dinner is served! Other than it being slightly spicy for the kids- they loved. I sure am glad since I have about 4 more packets similar to this one from the same company.

20151103_202147 (1)

This company I think is really on to something and they have a blog! Love them now. I need to look and see what else they offer. Ill keep you posted!

Love Out Numbered!


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