Mommy Momments

I love those weekend moments when you awake around 6am before the kids, before the hustle and bustle. When its still dawn outside and a hint of blue in your house. The stillness of the morning, calmness of the house! Its so peaceful. As a mom I truly enjoy those moments. To me it when all in life starts to make sense again. The questions of ” Is this really my life?” or “Can I really make this work? Alone?”- lets  be honest we all have those or similar questions at some point. To me, morning like this that not only provide clarity but confirmation! Not only can I, but I will and I’ll be awesome at it while wearing heels and lipstick (well some days) lol.

Blue Mornings
Blue Mornings

Then you take the calmness to far and try to eat breakfast alone and then…someone wakes up


back to reality! This little sunshine woke up right in the middle of me writing this post.  Mom- now you know you will never eat alone again.. these kids have extra senses I swear. They can sense when mom is eating alone, or in the bathroom alone, or hiding in a closet for 2 seconds of peace alone. They know exactly when to wake up from a nap- it’s that moment you sit on the couch turn to any channel without cartoons and open your mouth to take a bite of a sandwich…then you hear “Moooooommmmmmy…”!

So here is to a wonderful kid friendly filled weekend. A normal weekend for me: selfless and about 95% focused on them. This time it will be hair braiding for the girls and lawn mowing for my son ( have to do something special with the only boy in the house especially since all of Saturday will go to the girls).

I started the hair braiding early, as I learned my lesson the hard way last time. Friday night was Malia’s night:

20151113_214724 20151113_214730

Saturday will be Jordan- check back for her results. Sunday will be Myles- mowing the lawn for the first time ( for me and for him). As he is 4, it will be mostly me making him think it’s mostly him doing the work- this should be a lot of fun.

One thing I learned about being outnumbered: do not over load your day with activities or you will wind up stress, upset and with disappointed kids. And no one’s sanity can deal with that 🙂

Here’s to a great weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!

Love- Out Numbered!


One thought on “Mommy Momments

  1. Well my dear, I think you are doing an awesome job. You found your way and made it work, Praise God. We all can learn a lot from your journey. You keep blogging and God can keep blessing. I love Malia’s hair.


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