Adventures in Lawn Mowing

I was so excited when my aunt and uncle gifted me a lawn mower! I knew I always wanted to learn to mow my own lawn and when I bought this house, I figured there is no time like the present. So when my uncle brought over the lawn mower he gave me a quick lesson (which was awesome cause if not that mower would have sat there until my dad made another trip up to visit).

That lesson was fast but thorough! The biggest hurdle I had was starting the dog on thing. Basically, in that lesson, it didn’t happen. My uncle had to get it started. He told me ” Put some muscle into it, Get mad at it” – oh I did and I tried.. it wasn’t until that moment that I realized how much upper body strength I really didn’t have. Thankfully, he reassured me that it wasn’t me, he said after the cord gives then yank it. Ill save that tid bit for later.

Onto the present. Today was always designated for Myles, since Friday and Saturday where all about getting the girls hair braided ( man that task alone I have to mentally prepare for… just think I have another girl who will soon be lined up for those weekends).

20151115_124234 20151113_214730 20151113_214724

Today we were only watching boy TV and just about anything Myles wanted to do! He deserved it, plus he was such a good sport all weekend!

His breakfast request was- Blueberry Pancakes you got it! Funny thing is, I ran out of my infamous Cracker Barrel Mix.


That moment when you have already promised pancakes and realize you now have to make them from scratch…. here I come. Thankfully she walked me thru everything and I acutally had all of the ingredients- man I swear that never happens.


Ok Breakfast done, Myles is happy and look even dancing to the “Miles from Tomorrowland” cartoon theme song (I secretly love that song to and just have to dance with him).


You want to paint son- No Problem:

20151114_111729 20151114_161646

Yeah, I have no clue what that is… oh yeah ..Abstract!!

Ok, so now onto the thing he has been looking forward to all day. Slightly dreaded task for me but only because I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my son when I try to start this mower. So we all go outside, Myles is so excited he is jumping out of his skin- literally. He helps me pull the mower from the shed and push it to the front yard. Alright…. it’s time to do this thing. I hold the handle and Pull….bagunk ( the sound of it thinking about starting then changing its mind).. crap it really happened, but Myles seems to still be smiling. Lets try it again. Hold the handle.. and .. pull…. SUCCESS! Hot Dog that girl got that thang ( as my mom would say). And off we go!

20151115_112329 20151115_112315

Look at him, he is so proud of himself, so happy. Shoot, so am I! This is a big accomplishment for me! Whoop Whoop- ok just had to go there. But hey, I can now mow my own lawn, such a good feeling. Well after we were done, we hit the back yard where Myles starts and then quits on me to sit in the patio chair watch me, drinking my water and telling me I was doing a great job! I Still love him!


While I was out there I figured I’d do some hedge trimming. Well that’s when I turned around and saw this…

20151115_122059 20151115_122057

OMG.. I was so disgusted, but I couldn’t let him see that. So I simply said.. “Son what are you doing?”.. “I’m building a house for my Lizard” ,”Its ok Mom, its sweet” he continues to say. I just respond and say “Ok, well let me know when you are ready to go into the house and ill walk you straight to the bathroom”. What else could I say. He looked so content and happy. Plus it was Myles Day.

Well the day is not over yet… they are all taking a nap now and I need to go cook! I better get up before they realize mommy is having that 5% me time. Until next time my friends…Happy Mowing!


Love – Out Numbered!


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