Elf on the Shelf!

Man has it been a while since I have had the opportunity to sit and blog. That thanksgiving holiday really took a lot out of me. As a new home-owner I was excited about hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner at my house, post to come later on that. It was a success but very tiring. During the preparation  I often wondered how my Grandmother did this every year for all of the major holiday’s we celebrated: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is worse is as a child and young adult, you would just come to accept that Grandma would cook this elaborate meal and never stopped think how much time and effort went into it… Ok let me stop before this post turns into the Thanksgiving Post.

So Elf On The Shelf you say. This concept is new to me, I am ashamed to admit, but it is. I learned of this from co-workers last year but didn’t really buy into it until this year. I must say- its kind of fun. It gives the kids one more reason to wake up in the morning and one more reason to listen to mom. Love the Concept!

As instructed by many moms, we read the book first. Introducing the Elf to the kids. They named him Marco. Side note- I had to get a make Elf for my little man since he is the only man in a house of women. Ok so we read the book, named the elf and the excitement began. At least for the kids. For this mom it meant one more thing to remember on a nightly bases. But its ok, I’m up for the challenge.

I figured I would start off with the easy moves so on the first night he was on the wreath.














Then the tea pot, then a basket…. point is the places are simple and oh yes high above the kids reach. The little ones are still too excited that they would want to play with Marco which is a No No, lol! Thanks to Pinterest I plan to have vey funny and interesting places for Mr. Marco to visit and get into.

I pray I can remember to keep this up, seeing how the kids love it so far. I will keep you posted!

Love-Out Numbered!


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