How Long has it Been?

OMG How long has it been…. let me count the days, or better yet, let me not. Now when I started this blog I had intentions of writing daily. Like a digital journal…. then the Holidays happened. Something about the three Holidays back to back has seriously thrown me off.

Ok quick recap so we can get all caught up…..

First Halloween, our first one in our new home and with new neighbors. That was a fun yet long night as I didn’t expect to walk basically the whole neighborhood- which we ended up doing. Fun none the less and got to know more about my neighbors. This is Myles helping the neighbor decorate his house for Halloween.


Then Thanksgiving- how I love this Holiday, since its so focused on cooking. Not to mention I had the opportunity to host Thanksgiving in my new home. All your life you attend Thanksgiving at a family members house, for me it was my Grandmother. Being able to host it at your house just takes on a whole new meaning. You get the opportunity to do thing the way you have been dreaming of like set the time for later in the evening instead of 2pm. I have to admit I had a blast this Thanksgiving. I also wore myself out. Never again will I wait to cook the way I did, oh and next year I am so taking that work week off so I can focus.




I cut my hair: Yep I really did it. For the longest my goal was to see how long it could grow. At this point this year it was well below mid back. What I noticed was the older Savannah got, the harder my mornings got. Sorry baby girl but its true. So like I always say, “control your control-ables”. As a single mom my control-ables are basically me since kids will be kids. So I knew the hair had to go, it was just taking too much of my time that I honestly didn’t have anymore of….

2015-12-20 10.43.20

Disney/ Christmas: This year I also hosted Christmas. SO MUCH FUN, may make that its own post if I have time. All of my family made it out. Even my brother and his family from Texas. What a true blessing it was to see them. Everyone stayed at my house and I couldn’t have been happier. Air Mattress City I called it. We also went to Disney on Christmas Eve- Awesome! Kids loved the company and the trip. Best holiday to date!


Well yes, above are all the reason I have been MIA. Now that all of that has settled down I can catch up on life. How is the family you ask, well about the same.

Lets start with the twins. They are more vocal and basically these days they don’t have a filter. Sometimes its embarrassing but most times its hilarious. Every day they do something that makes this belly of mine, that I should name since its clearly not leaving me, shake. Love them so.

My Oldest, well she is two hop skips away from being taller than me. I can’t handle it. She is awesome, such the big helper I swear. It has been great teaching her how to cook and watching her blossom into a young teenager… oh and her beginning interest in boys….. HELP ME NOW!

Baby girl, my heart…. what a blessing. She is by far the happiest baby out of all of my children. Which is awesome since I cant imagine how difficult life would be if she were any other way. She is crawling now, trying to walk and holding a conversation with you- well her version of one. Love it.

Well that’s it for now. Promise it won’t be that long next time 🙂

Love – Out Numbered!




4 thoughts on “How Long has it Been?

  1. Traci Spaulding

    Sounds like you’re living your life like it’s GOLDEN! Wonderful to see all of you guys together and happy! I know you have a new appreciation for Bombay and Jordan and boys? Stop the presses!!!


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