When you just know its going to be one of those weeks, you minus well prepare for it. Coming into this week I knew it was going to be full and tough if I didn’t prepare myself. So that just what I did. In my opinion, as long as you a a kitchen full of food you can face any challenge the week throws at you… or is that just me. Geesh I’m such a foodie.

Well what I have learned about myself on this outnumbered journey I am on, is that I have to stay ahead of life. I will be the first to tell you many days its impossible. There is no way I can do it all, and I really had to accpet that. I learned a long time ago to pick my battles, but I honestly didn’t think that would apply to how I managed my home life and sanity as a single mom. Let me tell you how wrong I was. As a single parent, you have to, on a minute by minute basis sometimes, pick your battles. Maybe today is the day you let the dirty dishes and laundry win because you were more focused on the kids. As my mom would say, those kids are not going to look back and remember or care how clean you kept your house, only that mommy was there for us.

For instance that was me last night. I knew coming home I had a huge night ahead of me in that malia’s hair needed to be washed and braided and Savannah’s needed some love as well, not to mention my normal nightly duties to prep for the next day.

Dinner ran longer than expected since the kids wanted to have a dance party after we finished eating ( they say you have to always stop and smell the roses right… well in my house its stop and have a dance party). So we had the party, Awesome time!! Ok kids back to reality, bath and bed.

Savannah made a HUGE mess at dinner and needed to go straight from the high chair to the sink to get a nice farmhouse bath. Then Malia’s hair had to be washed and braided. By the time we all finished and I prepped bottles, lunches and clothes for the next day I was zonked…. The kitchen looked like a tonado came through and never left plus there was clean laundry was all over the couch and the 4 baskets next to the couch ( yeap four baskets…just an excuse to not fold.. more on that later). I turned and looked at it all and said “ House you win tonight, Good Night”, and took my lovely self to bed. AND THAT’s OK. Took me a long time to get there.

SO back to staying ahead of life. That was my goal this week and in order to do that I needed to cook, and cook a lot. This week look like it was line up to be filled with full stressful work days followed by afternoons full of kiddie demands. The only way to stay mentally sane during those weeks is to have food already cooked and ready to go. Even when I am stressed I like to have a good thought out meal.

On to the grocery store we went. I love my neighborhood Publix since it has covered parking and a Cart-vator or elevator for carts. This is us going to the second floor to shop.


I swear, there is never a cart that fits my combination. What I do love about this uncomfortable shopping trip, it forced me to get in and out before Savannah said enough!

On the menu I prepared a large pan of chili beef, stuff peppers, baked sweet potato, cabbage, rice and pasta. The goal was to make things that could all be mix matched together that week. The nice thing about the chili beef was that it went into the stuffed peppers, was eaten over rice and had spaghetti sauce added to it and used over pasta. That’s 3 meals done already. What ended up throwing me a wrench was Savannah is now eating table food and I send her food to school so let’s just say we ran through that food a whole lot faster than I anticipated!!!!


Either way you get my point. Thanks to this plan ahead strategy, this week has been stress free. That almost never happens. SO much so that I got to blog about it! Yay Me!

Before I go I had to share the new trick Savannah is doing. Peek a Boo. But get this, it’s with herself. She has discovered her reflection and whenever she is in a place to see herself the game begins. So as I cook I was blessed enough to look down and see this….

I tell you, these children know how to pull on those heart strings! Loving this outnumbered family of mine.


Thanks for stopping by!

Love- Out Numbered


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