Where are your Shoes?????

“What do you mean you don’t have your shoes?”….. Yes, this is how my morning started! Now, like all mornings, it is crazy in my house. Little people running here and there, things flying in the air, yelling, singing, laughing, oh and did I mention running. None this less this morning was basically like all others- busy. Not to mention the night before I fell asleep while nursing the baby so I was completely behind schedule this morning.

Like I said, crazy morning but normal. Now this is what I remember about the said shoes. I was standing in the kitchen where I could see my son try to un-tie his shoe lace knot with his teeth and me telling him to use his hands. That is the last I saw of him and the shoes. Now a little back history on Myles and his shoes….. in the morning it takes him FOREVER to put them on. I’m not sure why but that is always the case and he is usually the last one to put on his shoes.

So this morning, after telling him to use his hands I went about my morning as normal, you know like a crazy person, trying to get out the door at a half way decent time. The routine to get out the door is usually Jordan will grab most if not all of the bags I have (yes I am a bag lady also- diaper bag, milk storage bag, purse, lunch bag) and head out to the car. I then will tell the twins to follow their sister and go get in the car. I grab baby girl in her car seat lock up and get in the car. Then we are off…. So I see the kids but I am not doing a full once over as they walk out the house. As much as I would like to be, I am not Mary Poppins…. Sorry!

So this morning, like with everything else, went as planned, normal right! We get to the daycare which is about a 15-30 min ride on the highway pending the traffic. I get out, open the side door to get Savannah out and hear words that will bring my morning to a crashing halt…..

“But where are my shoes?” Myles says in his soft careful voice as he sits in his car seat swinging and lightly kicking his sock covered feet. I dart my eye to his feet so fast just knowing that if I stare hard enough the shoes will magically appear. Nope, wrong, try again.

“What do you mean where are your shoes? Where are they Myles? Where are your shoes? Why don’t you have your shoes?????” I am firing off questions left and right so fast I swear his eyes got bigger with every question. He looks at me… and looks… blinks and looks. “Malia had them” he says. Now I look at Malia and start firing off those same questions….. “ But .. But… But I gave them to Myles “she says as she is trying to interject in between my speedy questions. Back to Myles, he just looks down at his feet.. still kicking….. I was so mad I swear I could have shaken that whole van with my bare hands. Now by this time my blood pressure is thru the roof, and I am all but shaking… no I take that back I am shaking. Shaking in the parking lot of the daycare.

I need to breathe; “just breathe” I tell myself. I am so flustered I had to sit back in the car and just think. “What am I going to do. Its 5 till 9 and I have meetings back to back starting at 9:30. I can’t go all the way back home… How Traci could you forget his shoes…. Hmmmm… Target! Is Target open? His shoes Traci like how do you let your son walk out the house without shoes on…. Yes, yes they are open…. Ok ok ok ill run to Target really quick…I can’t believe this dude forgot his shoes…. HIS SHOES!!!!. Wait if I take the kids with me then he has to walk around target in his socks…. Hmmm that won’t work. Ok screw it, I’ll take them inside and see if he can sit in the office while I run to Target. Ok that will work, it’s better than going all the way back home. “You were just in the mind of a mad woman…. These were my thoughts as I tried to hold on the pieces of my now shattered morning.

Now pissed can’t begin to describe my mood at the moment. Clearly all over my face since as soon as I walked in the daycare they immediately said “What’s wrong?” ….. I begin to unfold and explain the nightmare that has become my morning. Then it’s like the Heavens opened and I heard “Oh don’t worry, we have extra shoes here, he will be fine”…..

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…… is all I heard! Thank the Lord!!!!! I can breathe now, I think at least. I swear I was so shaken up by that snafu it took me at least an hour to fully calm down. This has to be on the list as one of a working mothers’ worst mornings ever!

Guess where found his shoes when I got home…..under the dining room table… ugh!


I pray your morning was better than mine! Oh and here are the reason I can’t get mad at this little man….


Myles playing Santa !

20160112_184006Myles feeding Savannah cheerios- and himself in my rain boots lol!


Love – Out Numbered!









2 thoughts on “Where are your Shoes?????

  1. Traci Spaulding

    I must say this is the funniest! I don’t to mean to make light of it but I kept getting the visuals of you shaking the van and the expressions on your face!! You are one great storyteller…loved it!


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