Surprise, I’m Still Hungry

Bib by Dolly and George

Guess this means I am not eating dinner with the Family! Moms, have you had those nights when your children literally eat you out of house and home. Now this is a saying I am use to hearing a lot, especially since I grew up with three siblings. My parents often made this comment and we would laugh as kids and shrug it off.

Well Ha Ha Ha, the shoe is on the other foot now and that mess isn’t so funny after all. I know this is surprising for me to say this caught me by surprise since I have 4 kids and clearly have been down the road of a growth spurt or two, but this one really caught me by surprise. I was so not prepared.

Baby girl decided this week that she wanted to go through a growth spurt. Now over the weekend, I will admit I noticed how her appetite had increase. So today I sent extra food to daycare with her just to see if what I was noting was correct. Expecting to have some sent back home, you can imagine my surprise when nothing came back but empty SpongeBob containers… oh great, its starting again.

Then here I go again under-estimating a child of mine when it comes to the topic of food. Tonight I was clearly thinking this spurt was short lived and wouldn’t show its ugly greedy face, but oh was I sooooo wrong. Let me lay out a little time line for you:

  • Daycare Pick up she is eating Butternut Squash (her favorite)
  • Once home she decides she wants to nurse
  • At dinner she eats her bowl of brown sprouted rice, tomatoes and kidney beans

What makes this worse, is that according to her I’m Hungry Song she sung every time the spoon left her mouth to get more food, I wasn’t moving fast enough. So let me get this straight Savannah, not only are you going to eat all of my food but fuss at me for not moving fast enough!!

By the time this little lady finished her food, and mine, her little stomach was a hard as a rock. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why she kept eating, and eating and eating. Not to mention when my bowl was done, Myles walks over and says “Mom, can I feed her a bean?”. Of course I say yes, I can barely tell him no as it is. Then I start to think, maybe he is the culprit secretly stretching her stomach with a little this and a little that….calm down, calm down, back to earth Traci, this is called life or introduction to Toddler-hood 101.


I honestly wasn’t prepared. I swear having four kids not only means there will always be somebody hungry (which I can handle) but that there will always be someone in a growth spurt- which I clearly cannot handle. Sometimes, just for giggles I’m sure, the twins’ growth spurts come are at opposite times on purpose. Never aligned. Nothing is ever aligned…WHY????

“Ok Traci now that you have had your pity party, you still have to face the music”, I tell myself. The child has to eat. Back to the drawing board. Now I have to be very strategic in my meal plans since all of the meals we eat as a family Savannah will be right there with her spoon, bowl and tummy ready!

Honestly I haven’t started the new grocery list and meal plan yet, guess I’m still in shock after tonight. Well here we go…..4 against 1.  Still, got to love this life!

2016-01-10 15.10.35 (1)
Not from tonight, but as you see, she loves to eat!

Love – Out Numbered


2 thoughts on “Surprise, I’m Still Hungry

  1. Well Glory be to God, great things He has done, lol. God knows you have the ability to do great things with food and planning, the children are your testers :). So enjoy these opportunities to be creative. I enjoy the blogs and I know other young mothers enjoy the tips. Love you, mom.


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