Crap I Did it Again!

CRAP I did it again…..

So for me, lately, I am seriously living in a tornado. Ever get to that point Moms when all you want to do is get back to ground zero? To the point where you have seriously considered taking the day off of work, taking the kids to school and coming back to so solely CLEAN. Getting back to ground zero to me is equivalent to a deep breathe, to running through the hills of the Sound of Music and singing (loudly). Ground Zero- where everything is done and at base level, clean and in order.  For me it’s a need, like a true need. To be honest I haven’t quite figured out how to get there without taking a day off to do so.

Sadly it’s a never ending cycle that goes something like this:

  • I sleep through my alarm clock because well I am tired. So instead of having 2-3 hours in the morning to get ready I compressed that morning to do list into an hour or 1 ½ if I’m lucky.  This leads to me stresses cause no one else in this house cares that we over slept, or that I have a meeting in an hour or has ANY sense of urgency. Which then, because we are rushing, turns my front room into the local dump- dump your pajamas, shoes that you changed 5 times and still put them on the wrong foot, book bags, phones, breakfast because you have to bring it with you from the table…. You name it you can find it now in my front room. And these rascals have only been awake for an 10mins.
  • Now mom is panicking and kicking herself for not waking up early, telling her growling stomach to hush because there is no time eat as I take 15 mins to get myself bathed, face on, quickest thing I can find clean in the closet that oh yea I haven’t already worn this week, and grab all the kids my arms can hold and rush into the car. To start the amazing drive to the bus stop- first child out, day care-next three out and then work. Deep Breath as I walk into the office and put a smile on my face because my morning has been great, says the lie of my smile. Now my work day starts.  Let’s pray it’s a smooth one.


  • Time to go. Ok time for the next job. Drive to the Daycare, three kids loading up, hoping Savannah doesn’t have a meltdown as I put her in her seat and get ready for 5 oclock traffic. Once home all I want to do is sit down, watch Big Bang Theory and go to sleep. Ha year right, back to reality check. Time to start dinner, or heat it up if we are having left overs, while the kids turn this house into their personal playground. My oldest daughter begins firing 101 questions at me as soon as I walk in the door as if my face said “yes my dear, please ask me all the questions your heart desires…. I have nothing else to do or think about or process”. By the time dinner is done we sit and eat as a family (honestly the best part of my day), then it’s time for baths and whatever nightly routine we have. Which is none and I really need to implement one as the status quo is clearly not working, hence this blog. So baths usually take MUCH longer than they should cause well they are 4 and their goal in life is to try and find a way to prolong the “going to bed” process. Once bathed we then spend the next hour or so doing the time to go to bed song and dance. You know the one Moms where you tell them to go to bed and they get up for a kiss, some water, still hungry (no grandmas they aren’t), a hug, you forgot a book, she won’t stop bothering me, he keeps sitting on my bed… you name it they try it. By this time is nearly 10pm.


  • All I want to do is sleep but the kitchen is well you know a mess; front room looks worse than this morning since the kids have come back home to add more of their personal touches to its already child inflicted décor.  SO Traci, should you clean, prep for the morning, get ready for bed or heck fall out on this couch and try to gather your thoughts if only for a second. Ummmm couch it shall be… hmmm where is that bag of chips!! I didn’t even mention how baby girl can swing this day left or right with the twinkle of her nose…. Ok now it’s about 11pm guess I better get up and go to bed.

This afternoon historically has shown this will lead to me hitting snooze 12 times in the morning then jumping up when I see the clock say 6:45am. Crap its happened again, someone has just hit the restart button on my life.

Help Please!!!!!!


None the less, I wouldn’t trade these rugrats or crazy life for anything in the world…. If anyone is out there in blog world and has wondered what has happened to me… you just read it- LIFE!

Love- Outnumbered.


One thought on “Crap I Did it Again!

  1. I personally think you and my four babies are doing quite well with life. You take the bumps and humps as they present themselves and you keep the faith and keep moving knowing that God is definitely walking you through these times as part of his plan to perfect the gifts he has placed inside of you, the gifts that soon my dear will be the blessings for someone else. Enjoy the journey and know how very proud your dad and I are of you….:)


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