Pizza and Monkey’s

How long as it been since I have had a chance to sit and blog?  Definitely too long! Funny thing is, even though my blogging took a hiatus for my hectic summer, the craziness of my life continued. Actually the craziness grew! The twins turned 5 a few weeks ago and I tell you with the new age came a new mouth. Literally overnight. These little people are so much more vocal and are at the age when they say any and everything that crosses their mind. I keep telling my mother I need to just keep a camera recording all the time, it’s the only true way to capture all that takes place.

For instance, this past week I decided to surprise the kids and change up the dinner routine. Instead of cooking and eating at the house, I wanted to take the kids out to eat. You see, our summer has been so busy with so many different schedules, it hadn’t been often where we get to sit and eat together. So for this night I choose a local pizzeria, a win win since it was less than 10 mins from the house, its pizza which all the kids love and its local (I love supporting local businesses).

We go inside and sit down immediately, very casual seat your self style of restaurant. Looking at the menu, its clear it is very straight and to the point: Pizza, Salad or Breadsticks- I love it. The waitress comes over, introduces herself and begins to take our drink orders. Well this young lady, very nice, is into self-body piercing expression. In her ears she had spacers about the size of a large drawer knob. No problem on this end for me, I have seen a lot more than she had so this was no shock to me. Wellllll guess my kids had not. After she takes our drink order and begins to walk away, Myles whispers something to her and my embarrassment begins to unfold slowly before my eyes:

Myles: “…….sshhhnfkhoewere….” (literally had no clue what he said)

Waitress: “What honey…. What did you say” as she smiles at him.

Myles: “ …nsuibe..nfofewbhrb…” ( again no clue what he said)

Waitress: “Whaaaat….” Looking at me while her eyes are saying help I don’t know what he just said.

Me: “What Myles, what did you say ?”

Myles: As he slowly turns and looks at me … “ I said I think she looks like a Monkey” …halfway covering his mouth with his finger. Almost to hide what he was saying from her.

Immediately my eyes got so big with the mere shock that this dude made that connection and then actually made it a point to tell her……. OMG! I cant believe this, I think to myself. Then instantly remember I had to play it off like I had no clue what he said as the waitress was still looking at me…

Me: “ oh nothing…. He didn’t say anything”… all the while I’m praying please please don’t let this lady have heard what my son said about her.

She smiles then walks away. I peer around the booth just to see if her expression changes so I can know for sure whether she heard him or not. Thank the Lord, her expression was clear she still had no clue what Myles said.

Oh but wait that’s not all… Ms Malia must chime in:

Malia: “Well if you put them in your ears and you look like a monkey, you just look like a monkey!”

I snap my head around to her so fast….

Me: “ I don’t care malia, you don’t say that to people or about people. Its not nice. Period”

I took a long sigh and I am instantly reminded why I never go out to eat with these little people. Love them dearly yes, but goodness…..I was totally not prepared for this scene.

Not to mention, the whole time this took place, Savannah was nursing and Jordan, my main helper, was in the restroom. Yep you guessed it, never a dull moment in my life.



Until next time,

Love OutNumbered!


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