Thanks For Stopping By

“How do you do it ?” is the question I am constantly asked. Well here it is, this is my life as a foodie who is finding the balance of being a working mom that loves to cook but is out numbered in love by my beautiful children, 4 to 1.  Cooking is one of the ways I show my family love, not just making their favorite meals, but making them with the freshest ingredients possible. Seeing the smile on their face because of a meal I made brings such peace to my heart. But lets be honest here, working 8-10 hours a day then coming home to four busy little ones with 4 different needs and wants, cooking a wonderful meal from scratch is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind. Laugh with me as I go through motherhood facing that exact daily challenge while learning tips and failures on how to stay normal when outnumbered. My goal is to create tasteful, healthy and colorful dishes that work for our busy lives. Take this journey with me as I uncover the balance between work, home and good eats!

I can never get them all to look at the same time!
I can never get them all to look at the same time!

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