Pizza and Monkey’s

How long as it been since I have had a chance to sit and blog?  Definitely too long! Funny thing is, even though my blogging took a hiatus for my hectic summer, the craziness of my life continued. Actually the craziness grew! The twins turned 5 a few weeks ago and I tell you with the new age came a new mouth. Literally overnight. These little people are so much more vocal and are at the age when they say any and everything that crosses their mind. I keep telling my mother I need to just keep a camera recording all the time, it’s the only true way to capture all that takes place.

For instance, this past week I decided to surprise the kids and change up the dinner routine. Instead of cooking and eating at the house, I wanted to take the kids out to eat. You see, our summer has been so busy with so many different schedules, it hadn’t been often where we get to sit and eat together. So for this night I choose a local pizzeria, a win win since it was less than 10 mins from the house, its pizza which all the kids love and its local (I love supporting local businesses).

We go inside and sit down immediately, very casual seat your self style of restaurant. Looking at the menu, its clear it is very straight and to the point: Pizza, Salad or Breadsticks- I love it. The waitress comes over, introduces herself and begins to take our drink orders. Well this young lady, very nice, is into self-body piercing expression. In her ears she had spacers about the size of a large drawer knob. No problem on this end for me, I have seen a lot more than she had so this was no shock to me. Wellllll guess my kids had not. After she takes our drink order and begins to walk away, Myles whispers something to her and my embarrassment begins to unfold slowly before my eyes:

Myles: “…….sshhhnfkhoewere….” (literally had no clue what he said)

Waitress: “What honey…. What did you say” as she smiles at him.

Myles: “ …nsuibe..nfofewbhrb…” ( again no clue what he said)

Waitress: “Whaaaat….” Looking at me while her eyes are saying help I don’t know what he just said.

Me: “What Myles, what did you say ?”

Myles: As he slowly turns and looks at me … “ I said I think she looks like a Monkey” …halfway covering his mouth with his finger. Almost to hide what he was saying from her.

Immediately my eyes got so big with the mere shock that this dude made that connection and then actually made it a point to tell her……. OMG! I cant believe this, I think to myself. Then instantly remember I had to play it off like I had no clue what he said as the waitress was still looking at me…

Me: “ oh nothing…. He didn’t say anything”… all the while I’m praying please please don’t let this lady have heard what my son said about her.

She smiles then walks away. I peer around the booth just to see if her expression changes so I can know for sure whether she heard him or not. Thank the Lord, her expression was clear she still had no clue what Myles said.

Oh but wait that’s not all… Ms Malia must chime in:

Malia: “Well if you put them in your ears and you look like a monkey, you just look like a monkey!”

I snap my head around to her so fast….

Me: “ I don’t care malia, you don’t say that to people or about people. Its not nice. Period”

I took a long sigh and I am instantly reminded why I never go out to eat with these little people. Love them dearly yes, but goodness…..I was totally not prepared for this scene.

Not to mention, the whole time this took place, Savannah was nursing and Jordan, my main helper, was in the restroom. Yep you guessed it, never a dull moment in my life.



Until next time,

Love OutNumbered!


Crap I Did it Again!

CRAP I did it again…..

So for me, lately, I am seriously living in a tornado. Ever get to that point Moms when all you want to do is get back to ground zero? To the point where you have seriously considered taking the day off of work, taking the kids to school and coming back to so solely CLEAN. Getting back to ground zero to me is equivalent to a deep breathe, to running through the hills of the Sound of Music and singing (loudly). Ground Zero- where everything is done and at base level, clean and in order.  For me it’s a need, like a true need. To be honest I haven’t quite figured out how to get there without taking a day off to do so.

Sadly it’s a never ending cycle that goes something like this:

  • I sleep through my alarm clock because well I am tired. So instead of having 2-3 hours in the morning to get ready I compressed that morning to do list into an hour or 1 ½ if I’m lucky.  This leads to me stresses cause no one else in this house cares that we over slept, or that I have a meeting in an hour or has ANY sense of urgency. Which then, because we are rushing, turns my front room into the local dump- dump your pajamas, shoes that you changed 5 times and still put them on the wrong foot, book bags, phones, breakfast because you have to bring it with you from the table…. You name it you can find it now in my front room. And these rascals have only been awake for an 10mins.
  • Now mom is panicking and kicking herself for not waking up early, telling her growling stomach to hush because there is no time eat as I take 15 mins to get myself bathed, face on, quickest thing I can find clean in the closet that oh yea I haven’t already worn this week, and grab all the kids my arms can hold and rush into the car. To start the amazing drive to the bus stop- first child out, day care-next three out and then work. Deep Breath as I walk into the office and put a smile on my face because my morning has been great, says the lie of my smile. Now my work day starts.  Let’s pray it’s a smooth one.


  • Time to go. Ok time for the next job. Drive to the Daycare, three kids loading up, hoping Savannah doesn’t have a meltdown as I put her in her seat and get ready for 5 oclock traffic. Once home all I want to do is sit down, watch Big Bang Theory and go to sleep. Ha year right, back to reality check. Time to start dinner, or heat it up if we are having left overs, while the kids turn this house into their personal playground. My oldest daughter begins firing 101 questions at me as soon as I walk in the door as if my face said “yes my dear, please ask me all the questions your heart desires…. I have nothing else to do or think about or process”. By the time dinner is done we sit and eat as a family (honestly the best part of my day), then it’s time for baths and whatever nightly routine we have. Which is none and I really need to implement one as the status quo is clearly not working, hence this blog. So baths usually take MUCH longer than they should cause well they are 4 and their goal in life is to try and find a way to prolong the “going to bed” process. Once bathed we then spend the next hour or so doing the time to go to bed song and dance. You know the one Moms where you tell them to go to bed and they get up for a kiss, some water, still hungry (no grandmas they aren’t), a hug, you forgot a book, she won’t stop bothering me, he keeps sitting on my bed… you name it they try it. By this time is nearly 10pm.


  • All I want to do is sleep but the kitchen is well you know a mess; front room looks worse than this morning since the kids have come back home to add more of their personal touches to its already child inflicted décor.  SO Traci, should you clean, prep for the morning, get ready for bed or heck fall out on this couch and try to gather your thoughts if only for a second. Ummmm couch it shall be… hmmm where is that bag of chips!! I didn’t even mention how baby girl can swing this day left or right with the twinkle of her nose…. Ok now it’s about 11pm guess I better get up and go to bed.

This afternoon historically has shown this will lead to me hitting snooze 12 times in the morning then jumping up when I see the clock say 6:45am. Crap its happened again, someone has just hit the restart button on my life.

Help Please!!!!!!


None the less, I wouldn’t trade these rugrats or crazy life for anything in the world…. If anyone is out there in blog world and has wondered what has happened to me… you just read it- LIFE!

Love- Outnumbered.

Kale Soup with a Twist

This is my first time making a soup from scratch for the purpose of dinner. What is initially funny about this meal prep is that is starts like most meals I make for the first time… gets bigger and bigger as I go since I don’t take the time to measure my ingredients. Now my goal is that this soup will be the dinner for tonight, lunch for some days and the in between snack for the kids this week. If this works as planned, I may have to add a soup to the weekly meal plan from now on.

I first heard about and tasted this soup from a coworker of mine who made it for her family and brought some for lunch the next day. She let me try a little and it was amazing. Now she used spicy pork sausage in her soup which was good but wouldn’t work in my house. So once I decided to add this soup to the meal plan I knew I was going to have to change a few things.

One, the spiciness had to go and two I needed to substitute the protein as I am on a plan of removing pork from my family’s diet. Now I will say this is extremely hard as we love bacon in this house and turkey bacon will NEVER substitute for the real thing, but I know that pork is not healthy for you in any way and I want to provide the best diet for my family as possible. I admit I still cheat now and then, but overall the mental goal is there and after all, that is all that counts right???!!!?? Ok back to the soup.

Since I couldn’t use pork, I thought chicken sausage would be a great substitute. Let me take you back to yesterday when I bought the chicken sausage so you can see how this maneuver turned into an epic fail.  We are at the grocery store, all five of us in 2 carts, and we get to the sausage section.  To the right are all of the options of sausage and to the left is a vendor giving out sausage samples. Now many moms I am sure have experienced this thought process.

“Great Sausage over here, come on over and try some, great flaovrs” says the vendor. I think to myself, Hmmmmmm sure I would love to try some but I better not. “um no thanks, I say”. Enter the kids….

Mom I‘m soooo hungry (Malia)

Mommy can we please try one (Jordan)

Excuse me sir can I have a hot dog (Myles)…..

OMG! Stop it! Stop! Stop Talking….. is all I could think of !! I just knew everyone in the store was looking at these begging children who I’m sure they assumed don’t get feed. Oh quite the contrary my dear spectators. I am embarrassed!!. Is it just me that has a love hate relationship with food vendors in the grocery store. On the one hand you want to try it, but then you will have to get one for all of the kids and then quickly walk away because you KNOW they will ask for more and beg and beg and scream and all that great stuff.

So I give the kids the look that says if you don’t hush right now you already know…. Thankfully they hushed. But it doesn’t end there. I turn back to the options as I am looking for chicken sausage, something I never buy so I have no clue where they are shelved. It just so happens that I have stopped right in front of the brand the vendor is representing. Here he comes again, “Ma’am its great, come on over for a sample, or just grab the package that’s right there in front of you.. right there to your right”.  I look over my shoulder and bluntly ask “do you have chicken sausage?” “Oh .. no, it’s beef in pork casing” he replies. I smile, say thank you, grab the first chicken sausage packet I see and high tail it out of that section. Only to find out when I get home and cook up some for dinner, it has cheese in it…. This is not what I wanted at all… Thanks sausage dude.

Well as you can guess that chicken sausage was not going to work in the recipe. Thankfully I bought a backup turkey sausage and that’s what I ended up using.

Now there are plenty of recipes out there and usually I don’t mind following a recipe but when I realize I don’t have all of the ingredients and I will need to improvise, the recipe goes right out the window. I will read over it once to see that basic principal and steps they give but that’s about it. So sorry for any that are reading this for that reason, I recommend you look up a recipe online to follow. Pioneer Woman has one I found out. Ok here we go:


I started out by sautéing my sausage in some canola oil since turkey sausage doesn’t yield that much fat.


Then I added the onions to the mix.


While those were cooking I began on the potatoes. I used red potatoes simply because I like them, no other reason really.  Left the skin on and diced them thinly. I cut a few bigger chunks, but the majority of them were thin as I wanted them to break apart to thicken the liquid.


Now it’s time to season. Looked into the cabinet and its just sad. I was literally out of so many seasoning. Time to improvise. I found some beef seasoning that had spices that I would normally have used in this meal so I figured what the heck, it won’t hurt. Into the pot went this spice blend, fresh garlic and pepper.



Next it was time to add the Kale. Now my intention was to add the whole bag but clearly that wasn’t going to happen in this pot.


I ended up having to transfer pots. This is the part I talked about earlier when my meal gets bigger and bigger as I make it.


Now in a new pot I figured ¾ of the Kale was enough. I didn’t want the kale ratio to liquid to be off. I added some heavy cream and butter, well a lot of butter- can’t hurt right.


Now almost all of the recipes call for chicken broth, the one thing I did not have. Here is where the twist comes in. LEFTOVERS. I had the breast and bone of a left over whole chicken that I made a few days ago with some lentils. Into the pot they all went.


The way I see it, the chicken will add the flavor the chicken broth would have and the lentils would basically cook down to nothing so they can’t hurt anything.

There you have my Kale Potato Sausage Soup with a Twist.


It turned out great and the kids ate it up. Who knew a soup for dinner could be so filling and success with the family! Truly happy with this meal!

Happy Cooking!

Love Out Numbered

Surprise, I’m Still Hungry

Bib by Dolly and George

Guess this means I am not eating dinner with the Family! Moms, have you had those nights when your children literally eat you out of house and home. Now this is a saying I am use to hearing a lot, especially since I grew up with three siblings. My parents often made this comment and we would laugh as kids and shrug it off.

Well Ha Ha Ha, the shoe is on the other foot now and that mess isn’t so funny after all. I know this is surprising for me to say this caught me by surprise since I have 4 kids and clearly have been down the road of a growth spurt or two, but this one really caught me by surprise. I was so not prepared.

Baby girl decided this week that she wanted to go through a growth spurt. Now over the weekend, I will admit I noticed how her appetite had increase. So today I sent extra food to daycare with her just to see if what I was noting was correct. Expecting to have some sent back home, you can imagine my surprise when nothing came back but empty SpongeBob containers… oh great, its starting again.

Then here I go again under-estimating a child of mine when it comes to the topic of food. Tonight I was clearly thinking this spurt was short lived and wouldn’t show its ugly greedy face, but oh was I sooooo wrong. Let me lay out a little time line for you:

  • Daycare Pick up she is eating Butternut Squash (her favorite)
  • Once home she decides she wants to nurse
  • At dinner she eats her bowl of brown sprouted rice, tomatoes and kidney beans

What makes this worse, is that according to her I’m Hungry Song she sung every time the spoon left her mouth to get more food, I wasn’t moving fast enough. So let me get this straight Savannah, not only are you going to eat all of my food but fuss at me for not moving fast enough!!

By the time this little lady finished her food, and mine, her little stomach was a hard as a rock. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why she kept eating, and eating and eating. Not to mention when my bowl was done, Myles walks over and says “Mom, can I feed her a bean?”. Of course I say yes, I can barely tell him no as it is. Then I start to think, maybe he is the culprit secretly stretching her stomach with a little this and a little that….calm down, calm down, back to earth Traci, this is called life or introduction to Toddler-hood 101.


I honestly wasn’t prepared. I swear having four kids not only means there will always be somebody hungry (which I can handle) but that there will always be someone in a growth spurt- which I clearly cannot handle. Sometimes, just for giggles I’m sure, the twins’ growth spurts come are at opposite times on purpose. Never aligned. Nothing is ever aligned…WHY????

“Ok Traci now that you have had your pity party, you still have to face the music”, I tell myself. The child has to eat. Back to the drawing board. Now I have to be very strategic in my meal plans since all of the meals we eat as a family Savannah will be right there with her spoon, bowl and tummy ready!

Honestly I haven’t started the new grocery list and meal plan yet, guess I’m still in shock after tonight. Well here we go…..4 against 1.  Still, got to love this life!

2016-01-10 15.10.35 (1)
Not from tonight, but as you see, she loves to eat!

Love – Out Numbered

Where are your Shoes?????

“What do you mean you don’t have your shoes?”….. Yes, this is how my morning started! Now, like all mornings, it is crazy in my house. Little people running here and there, things flying in the air, yelling, singing, laughing, oh and did I mention running. None this less this morning was basically like all others- busy. Not to mention the night before I fell asleep while nursing the baby so I was completely behind schedule this morning.

Like I said, crazy morning but normal. Now this is what I remember about the said shoes. I was standing in the kitchen where I could see my son try to un-tie his shoe lace knot with his teeth and me telling him to use his hands. That is the last I saw of him and the shoes. Now a little back history on Myles and his shoes….. in the morning it takes him FOREVER to put them on. I’m not sure why but that is always the case and he is usually the last one to put on his shoes.

So this morning, after telling him to use his hands I went about my morning as normal, you know like a crazy person, trying to get out the door at a half way decent time. The routine to get out the door is usually Jordan will grab most if not all of the bags I have (yes I am a bag lady also- diaper bag, milk storage bag, purse, lunch bag) and head out to the car. I then will tell the twins to follow their sister and go get in the car. I grab baby girl in her car seat lock up and get in the car. Then we are off…. So I see the kids but I am not doing a full once over as they walk out the house. As much as I would like to be, I am not Mary Poppins…. Sorry!

So this morning, like with everything else, went as planned, normal right! We get to the daycare which is about a 15-30 min ride on the highway pending the traffic. I get out, open the side door to get Savannah out and hear words that will bring my morning to a crashing halt…..

“But where are my shoes?” Myles says in his soft careful voice as he sits in his car seat swinging and lightly kicking his sock covered feet. I dart my eye to his feet so fast just knowing that if I stare hard enough the shoes will magically appear. Nope, wrong, try again.

“What do you mean where are your shoes? Where are they Myles? Where are your shoes? Why don’t you have your shoes?????” I am firing off questions left and right so fast I swear his eyes got bigger with every question. He looks at me… and looks… blinks and looks. “Malia had them” he says. Now I look at Malia and start firing off those same questions….. “ But .. But… But I gave them to Myles “she says as she is trying to interject in between my speedy questions. Back to Myles, he just looks down at his feet.. still kicking….. I was so mad I swear I could have shaken that whole van with my bare hands. Now by this time my blood pressure is thru the roof, and I am all but shaking… no I take that back I am shaking. Shaking in the parking lot of the daycare.

I need to breathe; “just breathe” I tell myself. I am so flustered I had to sit back in the car and just think. “What am I going to do. Its 5 till 9 and I have meetings back to back starting at 9:30. I can’t go all the way back home… How Traci could you forget his shoes…. Hmmmm… Target! Is Target open? His shoes Traci like how do you let your son walk out the house without shoes on…. Yes, yes they are open…. Ok ok ok ill run to Target really quick…I can’t believe this dude forgot his shoes…. HIS SHOES!!!!. Wait if I take the kids with me then he has to walk around target in his socks…. Hmmm that won’t work. Ok screw it, I’ll take them inside and see if he can sit in the office while I run to Target. Ok that will work, it’s better than going all the way back home. “You were just in the mind of a mad woman…. These were my thoughts as I tried to hold on the pieces of my now shattered morning.

Now pissed can’t begin to describe my mood at the moment. Clearly all over my face since as soon as I walked in the daycare they immediately said “What’s wrong?” ….. I begin to unfold and explain the nightmare that has become my morning. Then it’s like the Heavens opened and I heard “Oh don’t worry, we have extra shoes here, he will be fine”…..

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…… is all I heard! Thank the Lord!!!!! I can breathe now, I think at least. I swear I was so shaken up by that snafu it took me at least an hour to fully calm down. This has to be on the list as one of a working mothers’ worst mornings ever!

Guess where found his shoes when I got home…..under the dining room table… ugh!


I pray your morning was better than mine! Oh and here are the reason I can’t get mad at this little man….


Myles playing Santa !

20160112_184006Myles feeding Savannah cheerios- and himself in my rain boots lol!


Love – Out Numbered!










When you just know its going to be one of those weeks, you minus well prepare for it. Coming into this week I knew it was going to be full and tough if I didn’t prepare myself. So that just what I did. In my opinion, as long as you a a kitchen full of food you can face any challenge the week throws at you… or is that just me. Geesh I’m such a foodie.

Well what I have learned about myself on this outnumbered journey I am on, is that I have to stay ahead of life. I will be the first to tell you many days its impossible. There is no way I can do it all, and I really had to accpet that. I learned a long time ago to pick my battles, but I honestly didn’t think that would apply to how I managed my home life and sanity as a single mom. Let me tell you how wrong I was. As a single parent, you have to, on a minute by minute basis sometimes, pick your battles. Maybe today is the day you let the dirty dishes and laundry win because you were more focused on the kids. As my mom would say, those kids are not going to look back and remember or care how clean you kept your house, only that mommy was there for us.

For instance that was me last night. I knew coming home I had a huge night ahead of me in that malia’s hair needed to be washed and braided and Savannah’s needed some love as well, not to mention my normal nightly duties to prep for the next day.

Dinner ran longer than expected since the kids wanted to have a dance party after we finished eating ( they say you have to always stop and smell the roses right… well in my house its stop and have a dance party). So we had the party, Awesome time!! Ok kids back to reality, bath and bed.

Savannah made a HUGE mess at dinner and needed to go straight from the high chair to the sink to get a nice farmhouse bath. Then Malia’s hair had to be washed and braided. By the time we all finished and I prepped bottles, lunches and clothes for the next day I was zonked…. The kitchen looked like a tonado came through and never left plus there was clean laundry was all over the couch and the 4 baskets next to the couch ( yeap four baskets…just an excuse to not fold.. more on that later). I turned and looked at it all and said “ House you win tonight, Good Night”, and took my lovely self to bed. AND THAT’s OK. Took me a long time to get there.

SO back to staying ahead of life. That was my goal this week and in order to do that I needed to cook, and cook a lot. This week look like it was line up to be filled with full stressful work days followed by afternoons full of kiddie demands. The only way to stay mentally sane during those weeks is to have food already cooked and ready to go. Even when I am stressed I like to have a good thought out meal.

On to the grocery store we went. I love my neighborhood Publix since it has covered parking and a Cart-vator or elevator for carts. This is us going to the second floor to shop.


I swear, there is never a cart that fits my combination. What I do love about this uncomfortable shopping trip, it forced me to get in and out before Savannah said enough!

On the menu I prepared a large pan of chili beef, stuff peppers, baked sweet potato, cabbage, rice and pasta. The goal was to make things that could all be mix matched together that week. The nice thing about the chili beef was that it went into the stuffed peppers, was eaten over rice and had spaghetti sauce added to it and used over pasta. That’s 3 meals done already. What ended up throwing me a wrench was Savannah is now eating table food and I send her food to school so let’s just say we ran through that food a whole lot faster than I anticipated!!!!


Either way you get my point. Thanks to this plan ahead strategy, this week has been stress free. That almost never happens. SO much so that I got to blog about it! Yay Me!

Before I go I had to share the new trick Savannah is doing. Peek a Boo. But get this, it’s with herself. She has discovered her reflection and whenever she is in a place to see herself the game begins. So as I cook I was blessed enough to look down and see this….

I tell you, these children know how to pull on those heart strings! Loving this outnumbered family of mine.


Thanks for stopping by!

Love- Out Numbered

How Long has it Been?

OMG How long has it been…. let me count the days, or better yet, let me not. Now when I started this blog I had intentions of writing daily. Like a digital journal…. then the Holidays happened. Something about the three Holidays back to back has seriously thrown me off.

Ok quick recap so we can get all caught up…..

First Halloween, our first one in our new home and with new neighbors. That was a fun yet long night as I didn’t expect to walk basically the whole neighborhood- which we ended up doing. Fun none the less and got to know more about my neighbors. This is Myles helping the neighbor decorate his house for Halloween.


Then Thanksgiving- how I love this Holiday, since its so focused on cooking. Not to mention I had the opportunity to host Thanksgiving in my new home. All your life you attend Thanksgiving at a family members house, for me it was my Grandmother. Being able to host it at your house just takes on a whole new meaning. You get the opportunity to do thing the way you have been dreaming of like set the time for later in the evening instead of 2pm. I have to admit I had a blast this Thanksgiving. I also wore myself out. Never again will I wait to cook the way I did, oh and next year I am so taking that work week off so I can focus.




I cut my hair: Yep I really did it. For the longest my goal was to see how long it could grow. At this point this year it was well below mid back. What I noticed was the older Savannah got, the harder my mornings got. Sorry baby girl but its true. So like I always say, “control your control-ables”. As a single mom my control-ables are basically me since kids will be kids. So I knew the hair had to go, it was just taking too much of my time that I honestly didn’t have anymore of….

2015-12-20 10.43.20

Disney/ Christmas: This year I also hosted Christmas. SO MUCH FUN, may make that its own post if I have time. All of my family made it out. Even my brother and his family from Texas. What a true blessing it was to see them. Everyone stayed at my house and I couldn’t have been happier. Air Mattress City I called it. We also went to Disney on Christmas Eve- Awesome! Kids loved the company and the trip. Best holiday to date!


Well yes, above are all the reason I have been MIA. Now that all of that has settled down I can catch up on life. How is the family you ask, well about the same.

Lets start with the twins. They are more vocal and basically these days they don’t have a filter. Sometimes its embarrassing but most times its hilarious. Every day they do something that makes this belly of mine, that I should name since its clearly not leaving me, shake. Love them so.

My Oldest, well she is two hop skips away from being taller than me. I can’t handle it. She is awesome, such the big helper I swear. It has been great teaching her how to cook and watching her blossom into a young teenager… oh and her beginning interest in boys….. HELP ME NOW!

Baby girl, my heart…. what a blessing. She is by far the happiest baby out of all of my children. Which is awesome since I cant imagine how difficult life would be if she were any other way. She is crawling now, trying to walk and holding a conversation with you- well her version of one. Love it.

Well that’s it for now. Promise it won’t be that long next time 🙂

Love – Out Numbered!



Elf on the Shelf!

Man has it been a while since I have had the opportunity to sit and blog. That thanksgiving holiday really took a lot out of me. As a new home-owner I was excited about hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner at my house, post to come later on that. It was a success but very tiring. During the preparation  I often wondered how my Grandmother did this every year for all of the major holiday’s we celebrated: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is worse is as a child and young adult, you would just come to accept that Grandma would cook this elaborate meal and never stopped think how much time and effort went into it… Ok let me stop before this post turns into the Thanksgiving Post.

So Elf On The Shelf you say. This concept is new to me, I am ashamed to admit, but it is. I learned of this from co-workers last year but didn’t really buy into it until this year. I must say- its kind of fun. It gives the kids one more reason to wake up in the morning and one more reason to listen to mom. Love the Concept!

As instructed by many moms, we read the book first. Introducing the Elf to the kids. They named him Marco. Side note- I had to get a make Elf for my little man since he is the only man in a house of women. Ok so we read the book, named the elf and the excitement began. At least for the kids. For this mom it meant one more thing to remember on a nightly bases. But its ok, I’m up for the challenge.

I figured I would start off with the easy moves so on the first night he was on the wreath.














Then the tea pot, then a basket…. point is the places are simple and oh yes high above the kids reach. The little ones are still too excited that they would want to play with Marco which is a No No, lol! Thanks to Pinterest I plan to have vey funny and interesting places for Mr. Marco to visit and get into.

I pray I can remember to keep this up, seeing how the kids love it so far. I will keep you posted!

Love-Out Numbered!

On Strike!

I am so TIRED! I have to admit Moms, today was a rough day. You ever have those days when your list of to-do’s is longer than your arm? Which also happens to be the day your baby goes on a napping and crawling strike.

This little lady did not want to take a nap at all today unless I was holding her. I’m telling you she would fall to sleep and as soon as you lean her over the edge of the crib to lay her down she looks up at you. NO Kidding! Happened three times- I promise! I eventually just gave up. I know we have all been there, but isn’t it amazing that those strikes always land on the day you have so much to do.

Then the crawling, well her crawling is the knee and foot method ( so adorable), but she didn’t even want to do that today. I’m sure the fact that my list of things to do being too long didn’t help things. So once I got to a stopping point (with the babies permission to relax) I did just that- RELAXED.

It then dawned on me, crap I need to eat….. but I am so tired. So I needed something filling and quick. Pasta!!! I can always count to pasta dishes to hit the spot. I decided to make Alfredo Pasta with the sauce from scratch. Just in case I didn’t already have a full day, I decide to make a dish I have never made before. Yaaaayyyy me! So here we go.

I Used:

  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 1 cup of Heavy Cream
  • 1 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • angel hair pasta
  • frozen broccoli

It turns out it’s a pretty simple sauce to make. I will have to keep this one in rotation.

First melt the butter and sauté your garlic…

Grate your cheese, then add with the cream to the pan and begin whisking..

Once the sauce starts to simmer, I added my cooked pasta. I like using angel hair pasta when I am hungry and in a rush since that pasta is so thin it takes absolutely no time to cook.


Add your frozen broccoli and cut the stove off. The broccoli can cook in the reminder of the heat, that way it will still have a bite to it!


Time to eat! So excited cause I am starving.


Love- Out Numbered!


Santa Fe Mole


I am just loving this Urban Accents brand. They have quickly become my new go to for a quick and healthy meal. On their website they call themselves your culinary wingman. That is exactly what they are. What I love most, you actually can understand every ingredient in their spice packet. There brand isn’t just limited to spices though, they have rubs, brine and mulling kits and even spiced popcorn.  I have so far only tried two of their spice packets but both times the meal has been perfect. It’s also great for those beginning cooks, their prep process is so easy to follow and ingredients are minimal its virtually impossible to mess up.



For this meal I followed the steps exactly using:

  • chicken thighs
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • chicken broth
  • 1 large onion


Sautee the onions then brown your chicken on both sides. It recommends you use olive oil but since I was out canola oil and butter did the trick.


Pour your spice packet, chicken broth, canned tomoates and 2 tsp of sugar in a bowl and mix together. See the spice packet even comes sesame seeds for you- how sweet!


Pour your mixture over the cooking chicken making sure all sides are coated then let the stove go to work for you. That’s really it my friends. While that finished up I cooked a few sides and blended food for Savannah and that’s all she wrote. Dinner for all was done!


I strongly recommend the Urban Accents line, even if you just buy one for your lazy days. I am sure you won’t regret it!

Love – Out Numbered!